atm pin theft

Beware of this technique

Android phone inaeza fanya hivyo?

mark badala ya kua positive unauliza vile unaweza dingo pia, hehe

hapa naona wakora kibao


That cant work in the Kenyan market. There are two major hindrance for that technique. One EMV and Magstrip.

Mag-strip Technology.

In full its Magnetic strip and all the VISA & MasterCard have. The Kenyan system does not prompt a person to validate a transaction using the Magstrip hence your bank switch will process that transaction as a valid transaction. That is why banks were being hit for million as customer accounts were run dry at a POS device or scheme and clone your magstrip with your pin to withdraw cash. Cloning a magstrip is very easy as it works in the same principle as a caset player. The player reads but in this instant you are coping. Clone machine are plenty in the market and cheap but found with one its criminal.

EMV system.

EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa. Thats the abbrevation. Its not a technology in the conventional sense but a payment system. EMV supports both Magstips and Chip cards. Chip cards undergo a process called card embossing where all necessary bank details are put in the chip. The chip is similar to the SIM card, and its virtually unhackable. You need a supercomputer with a brute force of NSA supercomputers. Chip cards communicate in seconds and if in 2 sec the transaction is not approved the system terminates the link and declines the transaction. Magstrips can take 20 sec before a link is terminated and transaction declined. For one to fleece your account of your hard earned savings he needs your card, not a clone coz the switch can detect a clone with the coding and encoding formats, and your pin. thats just too much hustle for 10K