The following are speculations of some kind,these speculations have broad depth and include some of earth’s mountains actually are gigantic tree stumps,earth’s ages I.e stone,bronze etc being invasions from Atlanteans (people from Atlantis),modern humans being a hybrid,racism and anti-Semitism distraction etc.There’s so many good questions and possible logical answers raised.So here goes nothing:






I would also recommend that you read the declassified C.I.A. papers called The Adam And Eve Story.It helps in the understanding of the cyclical cataclysms that the earth experiences.The cataclysms possibly going back to the cutting down of the gigantic trees the world probably once had

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They are not CIA papers, it was a book that was classified by the CIA because of its possible anti government sentiments and alarmist pseudoscience theories that the world will have it’s next great cataclysm soon.


Giant tree stump, now where have I seen that before

I have noticed that nowadays you have nothing to say about the following:

  1. 5G
  2. COVID-19
  3. Hydroxychloroquine

I hope that you can leave your conspiracies in 2020

I haven’t changed my mind on hcq and 5g,on covid 19 I can write an essay but I see no need for it.The American elections saga will reveal all on covid when it’s all said and done.

Conspiracy theories zitamaliza wewe


Have you read the Adam and Eve story?

And it’s not by the CIA, you know

Tell me you have…

Atlantis… We find dinosaur bones that are supposedly millions of years but can’t find man made artefacts from a world long gone?

Yeah,I know but it’s declassified anyway,I have read it.Apparently,Atlantis is in the bottom of the sea.Btw the videos also speak about Christianity,interesting stuff

No,maybe curiosity

I get the assertion, what is the evidence?

Find time and watch the videos,there’s no need for me to give spoilers

First one I watched had nothing but assertions… Or is there a specific one that provides evidence?

Link me to the evidence video… Or tell me what I missed in the first video…

Official government statement will finish you