Ati SAFARICON TO SELL TV SET BOXes with hotspot by a nation reporter

ati hotspot…
Safaricom to sell TV set-top boxes Safaricom will start selling its digital set-top boxes next month as the telecoms company eyes a piece of the broadcasting pie. The company told the Nation that it had received approval for the model of its decoder from the Communications Authority of Kenya. Safaricom Corporate Affairs Director Nzioka Waita said the decoders were expected in the next three weeks. Distribution will start immediately through the company’s shops and agents. “We have got the approval for the set-top box and a vendor’s licence, so we can start selling the devices in Kenya. We are still in talks with the regulator for the award of a broadcasting licence. Hopefully it will come through soon,” Mr Waita said by telephone. The company is targeting a piece of the Kenyan TV space, but with a focus on Internet connectivity to every home with a television set. The set-top box will be a hotspot, which can be used to connect to the web. Officials from the Communications Authority of Kenya said they were reviewing Safaricom’s application and hope to conclude that soon.

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If these fucks were smart they would have imported the boxes some 6 months ago and gotten say 50% of the set top box market share. All those millions they spend on advertising every year would have been saved. Just have ads on the channel change menu. I hate having them dominant though

wacha tuskie prices… safaricom net iko sawa

With their unrealistic internet bundle prices, I am not sure if their service will be any cheaper than DSTV or other current market players.


PayTv disguised as an FTA box with WiFi. Just asking: why would I need that? my fone can browse and create a hotspot if needed. And I can use whichever provider I want. Am sure these boxes will be locked to safaricom only.


I want someone who is serious than zuku. Zuku services are perfect if you have them but their downfall is their mediocre expansion plans. Safaricom should come in and make them think twice.

Safcom’s problem is its pricing model, if we can get a company that can replicate what Zuku does on a bigger scale then it will reap huge rewards.

I hope you guys are talking about fiber