Ati huyo manny ameingiwa mangumi na aprilweather??

Hiyo hustle yao ni smart lakini.

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Kimeibiwo brathe

ngumi gani, huyo gayweather amesaidiwa na judges

Mayweather made $83,000 per second during the fight

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Boxing is like that for those who are paying attention for the first time. You expected a full blown war???

In other news, @vuja de naskia mliumwa mkia jana? Nini mbaya na van girl?

every time weather huwa anaokolewa ni judges

Wewe toka hapa , there has been many very interesting bouts in boxing history.

Boxing is boring. Unakumbuka ile ya tyson watu wamepanga line kuingia wanaambiwa 38seconds later Ati fight imeisha… Wengine naskia walikua wameenda kukojoa… Hehe na umelipa hio pesa yote! Football anyday


I can see many of you are ignorant about boxing or how it works,this was a fight not a popularity contest,boxing is not just about KO’s many factors are considered,like defense,punches thrown and landed, yesterday Money May threw 435 punches of which 148 landed while Pacman threw 429 punches and landed 81… Money Mays’ defense yesterday gave him an edge over Pacman


conjestina aliwaharibu akili

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I miss siku za kina Lennox, Roy Jones, Holyfield, Iron Mike Tyson etc. Heavyweights walikuwa na power kushinda these welter weight guys.

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Afadhari ningekuwa this Pac guy, the cash reward in this game makes me wanna go get whooped and take my share home. Win or lose you still get some cash and guess what, di mugikuyu and money is the only thing

Acknowledge source si ati ulihesabu hizo ngumi.burger have a sense of humor.


Kabla ufike hapo utakua umerenounce usapere Mara tatu hizo ngumi joh.

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it was a fair game…pacman lost squarely for those who followed the whole fight

I said it, Most Kenyans know nadda about Mayweather or boxing all together…they jus follow the wind. Some were expecting a WWE kind of contest and FYI this as a welter weight division fight not a Heavy weight boxing match where blood and KOs happen alot. FYI those saying Pac man alionea are pple who think the fight was a street fight…no nigga it was a boxing fight, kama ni street fight then oh well Pac man alishinda


First it’s bugger not “burger”,second, I watched the post match analysis, I know most boxing enthusiasts did.

Again acha kua serious ata cama…

may weather alikua janjez…