Atheists being conned in Atheist churches and NGOs.

[SIZE=5]I have seen hardcore atheists like @kyuktothecore or even @Atheismo laughing and mocking the Christian clergy as mere conmen who con people of 316 bob. Well I have never heard them going after the Muslim clergy who receive even more billions than all the churches combined worldwide.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Muslim clergy are sometimes even paid in gold bars juu wakipewa sadaka in cash it will be impossible to transport it. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Most Kenyan Imams are dollar multi-millionaires and almost all Middle East Clerics are dollar billionaires… the Ayatollah of Iran seats on a personal $95 billion dollar business empire. Western analysts says that the Ayatollah is actually worth a staggering $200 billion dollars.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The Aga Khan who happens to be a Muslim Imam controls a $13 billion dollar empire but Ktalk atheists only see Cathy Kiuna. Labda Kenyans hawajuagi ya kwamba Aga Khan pia ni pastor wa denomination fulani.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If Cathy Kiuna owned Aga Khan hospital or Serena hotel the Ktalk atheists would probably complain nonstop.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Mind you the Aga Khan is a foreign religious leader fleecing the bonobo Kenyan flock proper with outrageous inflated hospital bills, expensive hotel rooms and a shitty biased newspaper that regularly propagates and promotes hatred and tribal violence.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The Daily Nation is the enemy of peace and cohesion in Kenya. FACT!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Anyway the new church on the block is the Atheist church growing by leaps and bounds. And atheist pastors are making cash like a motherfucker! Cc local atheists @mozilla , @Soprano @Abba @Tom Bayeye @slevyn @digi @Sambamba et al mmelalia maskio bana!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Atheist churches are partnering with the ga.y community as well as with Marijuana advocates and forming crypto giants. And you know the ga.y community is rich as fuack lead by 90% of Hollywood and the CEO of Apple as examples.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The Luhya guy Harrison Mumia started his atheist NGO because atheists are the new idiots just begging to be milked.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If you can land a top billionaire atheist from the world of IT e.g the head of Apple to come to your atheist church or atheist NGO every Sunday, buda umekafunga proper.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If you can get atheist Obama to come to your atheist NGO buda you are set![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The atheist church is now a type of “religion” with a “temple” , commercial music and of course SADAKA , DONATIONS and TITHES to support their effort and fully supported and protected by the Democratic Liberal movement.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]It all started in Britain :[/SIZE]



Homosexual Obama is an undercover atheist because it allows him to practice his homosexuality and devil worshipping in peace.

@Swansea or @Simiyu22 if you can get Obama to attend your atheist club or society of scientific minds and endorse your activities you won’t need to hustle in the U.S any more. You will be millionaires in next to no time.

There’s nothing like an atheist church. Hawa wazungu inaonekana wanakula bangi mbichi.

wacha kuwa mjinga how can you be an atheist and a devil worshipper all at the same time…get your facts right forgot this is amateur hour.



I love the way you are ignoring the key points.

So sasa mambo ya Trump kwisha, targeting new talkers to scratch your attention seeking itch. Isorait. If you had real friends.or meaningful relationships, there’d be no need for this behaviour.

Atheist church :D:D
I never get it though…if these athiest folks truly believe their is no God, what is the purpose of these mkutanos? What is their relevance ?

If someone truly believed that there is no God, he wouldn’t be wasting his time meeting with other people to discuss on how ‘there is no God’. The idea is downright stupid and the perpetrators should be slapped with a table accross their faces.

NASA is the biggest atheist church


When you are an atheist I imagine you are very empty and full of questions and fear. It’s natural because you are human and a human was created with a soul, an emptiness that can’t be filled with earthly pleasures.

Plus a human being naturally desires comfort, empathy and the human touch. Even though they are godless they are still humans with these needs and so they congregate to share these emotional needs.

A human also needs validation and praise, that what he or she is doing is right and that others are also doing it otherwise you would also become crazy or mad from being the only one separate from the herd.

When Jesus compared humans to sheep he meant it in a loving way because human beings are in essence simple mammals that are in constant need of love, appreciation, attention, validation and praise.

If you take your eyes off from a sheep inagongwa na gari juu ni kama mtoto, iko na akili na pia haina. And human beings follow herds so you have to constantly take care of the herd or lose it to “others” or to the “wolves”.

A leader e.g a president or a pastor is a shepherd their job is to take care of this herd or lose it entirely!

You have seen examples in Germany, Rwanda or even Bosnia where leaders have lead people with good brains to commit attrocities that are beyond description. So a human can be easily programmed or misled.

But you have been on Kenyatalk since February 13, 2015 sharing discourse with anonymous humans are you any better???

If you were better then you would’ve left on February 14th 2015 and gone to discuss face to face with other real life humans. Ama utajitetea aje?

And just because Trump had the election stolen from him it doesn’t mean that we as MAGA supporters suddenly suffered vacuums in our brains or are lacking in topics to discuss.

You are just jealous that I am smart enough to develop clear original thoughts while you clearly can’t.

You have only posted one thread since 2015 a clear sign of a person lacking in creativity, brevity, originality, discernment or thinking.

You prefer following the herd or pleasing the crowd.

When does Mumias plan to open his church, Christians go there undercover like how devil’s agents go to churches under cover?

But I do.

I get paid for this.

How, yet everything you post is a copy paste from Google? Furthermore, all you arguments include whattaboutism, mimicry and flipping of other people’s examination of your behaviour.

Hii attention ya leo imekutosha?

Your jealousy is duly noted. Now fuck off.

:DY u angry man?

Atheists are just devil-worshippers in disguise.

Kwani kuna atheist churches in Kenya? Where is it located niende ni verify