Atheists and Homos

Once a person becomes a homo, he or she easily converts into atheism ama sijui ni the other way round. A person on reddit was asking for a meetup with atheist ladies in Kenya. 80% of responses were from lesbians


Ati atheist ladies, that’s like asking for a Chinese Hindu in Kenya.

i saw wale madem wawili wanajichocha sana youtube and in between their video you could hear words like “i thank god for her”…

Religion tend to judge , especially the three Abrahamic ones, tend to judge homosexuality harshly, while giving other sins like over eating a blind eye.

Being non-religious doesn’t automatically means one doesn’t acknowledge the existence of God.

I don’t understand why africans embrace such skewed versions of spirituality, and even less why they attack other denominations.

Ni vichwa zenu ngumu ama hamuelewi maanake ‘mwacha Mila ni mtumwa?’

Jesus christ and his pops, who incidentally is still himself yet the creator of good and evil who slept with a married woman to give birth to himself can eat a fat dick!

Nothing disgusting like an African pawning over a European spiritual system

Why are atheists usually bitter?
My guess is it comes from the fallacy that God can be contained in our simple thinking. Unfortunately, He is infinite and can’t be ‘boxed’ by our extremely shallow capacity to reason that which only faith in Him can explain. We are mere mortals who are created to praise Jah - the Creator and the truly Immortal One.

If I took a guess and estimated the number of people who start these religious debates on ktalk, I’d probably be correct that most of them are religious.

The funny thing is that your god shouldn’t need defending, but you people expose your doubt by trying to defend your faith. Faith can’t be defended by arguments, even your Bible teaches that very well, you shouldn’t have to explain belief with arguments unless you’re very doubtful and insecure, leave that to factual observations.

not shocking at all. everyone wants a free pass and when they’re told they’re wrong, they move to where they are “right”.

To hell with all these cults.

Atheists opinions about deities are as useful as white crayons

Yes whoever established the earth wasn’t stupid to create a dick and a vagina. if He wanted homos both sexes would have assholes only for excretion and recreation. homos must be stoned to death as old times nowander cancers and all those other evil diseases are on rise the more people screw asses raising tempers of the all wise creator

1Pt 3.15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer/a defense to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.