The Atheist start us off with your dairy farming venture…tips and all…hussles so far. Hope you are not Aviator juu ni kama mko na hiyo farming at Kimende or thereabout.

TLS…jasusi na wale wasee wa ku import magari…we need some stuff to keep us learning. Hii kijiji imejaa hekaya tupu and its slowly becoming boring like fb. Maybe thats why akina Mabenda bowed…and supu don always on the fence.

Leta hio makende yako hapa dolphin… magongo safari… @bjurmann

Ok…nikishindano sasa! Same shit was posted earlier! Haya basi may the best man win!


Howdy sweetness @Female Perspective…


Just felt like greeting someone. And apparently your name popped up… Youre the leading lady i respect the most in this bush/thicket… Some rogue waiters have been tainting my joint… ave just fired them…

Aaawwhh! Thank you:p!

Waoh…niko Mambrui napiga return on Monday. Nitawakilisha one day.

Then point the pointful. Stop being a dictator. Who has commanded who? I think anyone can post anything as long as you arent insulting anyone. We are never of equal calling and we are blessed differently. So asking those who used to contribute informative topics on klist to continue doing so should not make you think its commanding them to.

gd morning @bjurmann
ramadhan just around the corner.
no dryfry for a month.
Ngai fafa. nitatoboa kweli

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Didn’t you already hang up your boots?:slight_smile:

I am NOT an atheist. Am born again and delivered.

@bjurmann Tell Atheist to send you informative materials to your email. He did send to me the materials but it’s right if it comes from him. ION, how did you come up with your handle name? There is a metro station in dubai with a similar name.

couch waru bado yuko na ameniacha na miaka kaa 40 na bado anakamua

Couch ni kijana mdogo sana. Cleared school @ Alliance in late 90s.
Iyo holiday ya waislamu ya breaking the fast will be tentatively on which date?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Chunga usiharibu mgongo lakini.

starting on 18th or 19th depending on when we see the new moon

By the way @Meria Mata, hebu wekea wasee listing ya wale watu wangetaka kukutana na representative wa Strong Decoders (discussion iko upande ule mwingine). I need to take my forty winks now.

where were you delivered, mimi ilikua KNH