At this Rate...

Pornstars will rule the Kenyan Music Industry.:D:D:D

Crapy music will crumble Kenyan music industry


The industry will weed them out

Copy paste ya manyake. But Wana message poa ya condom use

When? Na students wa highschool wanakosa kazi na kukimbilia uimbaji.

Enyewe pu$$y can really take a beating,i am imagining the milage on those kungurus na bado watawekelewa miti.Maajabu ya musa

Halafu sijui kama ni ile ingine ya mata-core niliona at imewekwa code ya skiza. Seriously???


Bullsh$t though they are promoting safe sex.


True but on the other side it promotes immorality and low quality music.

There is something for everyone I think.

Is this 97 or 2019?..producer malenge sana. Hao vijana wanafaa mijeledi

Crappy Music but Good message in it…

I find the music crappy but the message is good since they are promoting safe sex

Most prouducers work with your budget…:smiley:

Iko poa. Sisi mafossils tukakae paleeee…>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kino kyenyu.

Wacheni watoto wajitafutie water level yao.

Hatujakataa wajitafutie level lakini they could as well sing about the trees of Karura and still get famous. Eric Wainaina did not sing about kitimba and he got famous. The guy who sang about fundamentals was not eplicit but he still got his message home.

Such music exists as one of the side effects of the internet. Before the internet, there were gate keepers who had to listen to your music/noise before getting a chance to played on radio or even before recording the music. Today anyone can record music shoot video and post on YouTube

Mayut wa Jeri

Yet another instance of nitpicking one Kenyan song to illustrate immorality… Do a comprehensive study and present your findings. One song is too small a sample size to depict immorality of Kenyan songs.

Everyone should support Kenyan music and musicians they like. Buy their songs, support their hustle. If the song is not upto your standards, find another that matches those standards… We are not all alike.

I believe market forces should be allowed to prevail to weed these kind of songs, not your personal opinion…

Let Kenyans have a variety to choose from, not everyone is in love with SautiSol or Nyashinski