At This Rate are there any VIRGINS remaining in Kenya?

AT This Rate are there any virgins remaining in Kenya?

Those punanis that you have been hitting with no remorse still get back into circulation remember? Sio ati they get placed in a box and stored away and marked “finished”. Zinaenda kwa bank (nyumbani) then they are withdrawn (summoned for a date in town) by someone else. So the more we bang the less the chances of running into virgins

just like old notes:D:D:D:D

Hii finisher mazeee kali sanaaa! …umefuruta nini kizeee hii asubuhi?

Why not…I have met many women who are virgins but mi huwachorea…it takes a lot of work to deflower one…mtasumbuana bure

:)Your are too philosophical

How do u know na hujawahi tomba virgin?

Okay…Pewa mbili kwa bill yangu

Hehe ana mcheso sana

expound … support your arguement

Which rate?


Siku hizi Dame akimea matiti ashakamuliwa bana

This are whimsical concerns.

never wish to meet one. mimi last year january nilipatana na mmoja ilikua kibarua

:D:D:D:D fisi mkuu niaje

how did it go down … what happened

Lakini ulitoboa:D:D

Yes. You.

Oh yes ,How I wished.