At least 20 Dead and Over 100 injured in Las Vegas

These firearms that the Americans are so fond of zinawamaliza.

A gunman from the 32 floor of Mandalay bay hotel fired continuously on over 40,000 people attending a country music concert.

Latest updates indicate that 20 plus are dead and over 100 injured, many critically

if ni ugaidi, hoja za Trump zitapata nguvu

A pink handler said here yesterday that they live like slaves in that 'democratic country ’ She even doesn’t know her neighbors, a psycho white might kill her.
We should be thankful for the peace of mind that we enjoy here in vumbistan

The police claim to have killed the main perpetrator but have not released the details…

If he is white, they will say he suffers from mental problems.

Well that is just another day in murica where you can easily acquire a gun ni kama kwenda tu kwa duka na kununua mkate

You train people to kill others abroad in wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. They come back and start killing you…payback

When are we issuing a travel advisor to usa, of late they have many “incidents of violence”. Terrorism is only in abroad or a very grand scale attack like 9/11.

Let’s wait and see who the perpetrator is. Is he Muslim? Tuone vile Trump atasema on twirra

vumbistan ni paradise in the so called most democratic country usa hauwezi pumua na amani the government is always poking their noses into your biz, wanaume wa huko have been reduced to sissies they dont have any say in their own homes

Trump is so busy with the rocket small man…


Is @mayekeke in the country?
ama ni yeye huyo anawinda virgins.

More than 50 dead reports now say. a 64 yr old man is the perpetrator.

A 64 years old piece of white chieth. Anyway, ferk the Americans, at times it feels good to see them inflict such pain on each other.

That peace in vumbistan can only be sustained with Uhuru in the driving seat. Wekeni Kimush kwa debe. Mtajuta.

he’s been identified as stephen paddock.Alafu katika hii harakati mujinga ananiuliza ‘is it safe to go to kenya for safari?’

The sound of gunfire ni kama ile Rambo anatumianga ya 50 calibre GPMG. Shait si i thought those military grade guns are strictly regulated there.


whuee halafu ubaya ni ati the shooter ako juu yenu