At last

I never thought that there will be a day that klost will be gone.I always hoped that it will be back,i refused to register here thinking my klist will be back but i have no option but to accept and move on. I have been hovering around for a while but i have officially become a ktalker after witnessing former colleagues,mabenda,luther,mayekeke,pamba,uwesmake,old monk,real supu are here.


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Baa baa black Sheep…

@Penologist …didnt even know about this place until one lister inboxed me asking me if ‘its the real’ me talking shit about the late Jimmy…

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Wapi mwenye questionaire, huyu jamaa ajibu maswali za admission.

Yea admission eggzam ikuje


you want a medal!nkt

Respect your elders

wazi brathee karibu

pewa changaa

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Huyu awekwe probation Room 254 hadi ajibu entrance exam

umechelewa sana

@vuja de…oooh.momo 1…how elated am that u are around…hope u r good…:wink:

Good. Now we have sufficient quorum for the great Cord-Jubilee divide. Watu waanze kutangaza msimamo wao.


Supu na Supu Dondo now who’s the real one???o_Oo_Oo_O

Karibu sana penologist,ulifaulu?

bado brother .by the way can you resend me your number