Asubuhi sana sacco

Say a short prayer to thank God for keeping you safe through the night and ask Him to bless your hustle today. Amen.

In other news:

Canadian firm Simba Energy plans to drill its first exploratory oil well in Wajir, northern Kenya, next year with the preliminary evaluation putting the potential at over 400 million barrels.

KQ to pay ex- finance boss Ksh 144 million for wrongful termination .

Safaricom home fibre optic Internet has passed more than 90,000 households, a milestone that has enabled the telco to grow its residential network penetration to 27 per cent since its launch in February.

Asubhui Njema wanakijiji!! Muwe na siku yenye Baraka Tele; mukiwa na Mungu mwenye kuumba Dunia yote.

Pax dei tecum

@Lecturer nice Reggae, memories bro…

Good day talkers.

Amrm Pastor.

Forgive me padre, for I just sinned …
This cold weather and the falling rain makes a fine concoction for fapping.

Good morning?:slight_smile:


Been awhile since I heard from you.
I hope you are well.

True man, nimeweka playlist nikazama kabisa

May the almighty Father forgive you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit.

Go in peace and sin no more.

Txs for the concern, dear, tuko tuu following new NV’s starring kwa kijiji. Hope u gud and still waiting for more Hekayas. Gud Dei.



Okiya hapa ulicheza na mtu wa wenyewe.

Okiya, how are they (Simba) energy handling the cases where, their activities are poisoning the environment especially water sources for the pastrolist Community in Wajir.
Morning everybody.

Hio ni kali @Okiya kuja kidogo, good morning wapendwa.

s beaut Wensday everyone…