Asubuhi Sacco

[SIZE=5]Change is inevitable, so embrace it, even if it seems uncomfortable.

Morning talkers,
Have a beautiful day and a successful week ahead.

Love you all.


Goodmorning Talkers,

This is a beautiful day that the lord has made rejoice and be glad in it.

Love more
Forgive more
Respect more
We are are one!

Stay blessed

Have a great day .

Opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming, don’t give up.

Back to my daily hustles,

Blessed week Talkers.

When you win, most people think thats the greatest thing. But in reality, you learn so much more from your losses…Gigi Fernandez…Tennis player

Morning ladies and gents…
Have a great week full of love, joy and happiness.

Morning y’all,

You lose some, you gain some.

Gday fam.

This morning is beautiful!

A beaut day and week y’all

[SIZE=3]asiatic lily[/SIZE]

Good morning people.
Best of luck in whatever you look foward to achieving

Inakaa ni inspirational monday…
Blessed week talkers

Good day talkers.

We love you too.

Sabalkheri wapendwa

watu ni wahenga aje.

Morning y’all, do have a nice day and week.

wiki njema kwako ktalker. fanya bidii usi sukumawiki

Since I’m not a sacco guy:
Good morning
" If you can’t embrace change , then the change will embarass you "
[SIZE=1]Abba 1889[/SIZE]

:D:D Nice one.

Have a good day.

Little hekaya: during my gumbaru, we had this educational supervisor who believed in using the old school microscope to look at micro-organisms. There came a new technology (change)where you didn’t have to put eyes on those lenses ,rather you hook it up to your computer and the computer would zoom and take pictures for you by just clicking the mouse.

Unfortunately the supervisor refused to let go the old technology ya kurusha mesho kwa lenses for new technology. So one day we had this big presentation. Jamaa alibebana na old school microscope ready to do his thing. People were laughing at him to a point wakaanza kumuita Charles Darwin.

Cut the story short , we as a department were ashamed by his actions. But he was humiliated and embarassed.

Since he had refused the change (new tech), the change embarassed him .

Thanks @pseudonym you just reminded me hii story . Happy week .

Commit your way to the Lord; trust Him and he will do this:

He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun

Proverbs 37: 5-6