Asubuhi Sacco

Let’s give thanks to the Almighty for yet another day. It’s not that we are so holy and clean in His eyes, but it’s His mercies.
Mark register, kitunguu lazima kinuke. Mashida zangu zimeniamsha

Thankfull for the day.

A beaut day and week y’all
Flower service resumes kesho…

Have a wonderful week talkers.

Usiku Batalion hatujalala

Hustle Resumes. Hangover chronicles ni hadi friday

Good day everyone

  1. Rĩrĩa mũkaanyiitwo mũtwarwo igootiinĩ mũtikaanetange mũgĩciiria ũrĩa mũkoiga. Hĩndĩ ĩyo yakinya-rĩ, mũkoiga ũrĩa mũkaahotithio, nĩ ũndũ Roho Mũtheru nĩ we ũkaaria e thĩinĩ wanyu.

  2. Mũndũ nĩakaanengerana mũrũ wa nyina akooragwo, na mũthuuri anengerane mwana wake, na ciana ciũkĩrĩre aciari imooragithie.

  3. Nao andũ nĩmakaamũmena nĩ ũndũ wakwa. No ũrĩa ũgaakirĩrĩria kinya ithirĩro, ũcio nĩakaahonokio.


I hate stupid people. Aren’t all humans equal? Mbona matatus think they have more rights on the roads? Not!

Good day talkers.

one almost caused an accident joining the service lane via an exit. Watu wa nduthi are even worse

[ATTACH=full]127625[/ATTACH] Good week to y’all! Kitunguu rasma inukie

I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed. Good day people

It’s not by our might nor our power that we are alive today but by your spirit oh Lord. We dedicate this day to you oh Lord. It our prayer this morning that you may direct our footsteps throughout the day, and as we move into the Weekend. Minster to our hearts Lord, We send confusion to the camps of the enemy against our lives, nation, marriages, and Peace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Teach us to be givers and not beggars in Jesus name we pray and believe.

good day and a wonderful week ahead…kitunguu inuke kwenyu kabisa

Seems ni mimi pekee yangu naona a change of heart among Talkers. Pray for Dotard and Rocketman too, for them to come to their senses.

Woi … How I hate when reality kicks in. “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”

Usijali sisi sote tuna shida. Mungu ametupa uhai na kuna wakati wa shida na wakati wa furaha.

Cant we do0 something about this? How long shall we be at the mercy of lunatics?

Happy to see tsunami haikuja!