Astral projection

Is there anybody around here who has ever tried this out of body experience?
i honestly tried it myself out of curosity though it didnt work as i envisioned it … mostly due to fear of the unknown.
i read about horror stories on the experience though most of them are from overseas countries.
so i wanna hear from you guys … welcome to the commenting section

Naskianga ukifanya severally una-age threefold. Ni upuzi lakini.

have you ever tried it?


Try LSD. You’ll experience a world you never knew existed.

whats lsd?


Limited Slip Differential

mechanics ?

You don’t need drugs that’s white people shit, just eat healthy, stay off fluoridated water ie maji ya kanjo and check the mineral content in bottled water. Also painkillers retard your pineal gland. Then meditate like a lot. If you still can’t after wards try using binaural beats. A word of warning though, when you see into the spirit domain, they can also see you.

Leave drugs alone. Anything from a lab especially.

I used to sit down comfortably in a chair and relax and imagine sinking into it without moving even a finger. After about 5 min you can’t feel you body anymore, then waves of blisfulness start coming and going. It is like being suspended in wool, cotton or cloud. That the furthest i managed.