Assignment to everyone

Lets research on how we can generate safaricom credit. Its possible

probably kuna nugu ya safaricom iatafuata hii post…

credit generation is very tricky

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Hehe wacha wanikujie saa hii .

No way you can do that

Thats a motivation.

You cannot. The credit number is usually a random integer stored in their databases. If your entry matches you are awarded the credit. So its not something that happens on your phone. So unless you got a way to transplant your number flawlessly to their systems before you use it. That might mean hacking the entire safcom system. Perhaps Kim Jong Un can help. Stealing credit numbers from them is easier.

Mukipata jawabu pia munitafutie dawa ya hangover,hujuma tupu hata kibarua haifanyiki.

Yaani umekaa chini and the only thing you can think of ni kuiba credit ya safaricom?? smho_O
Think BIG mtu nguyaz.

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The size of the head is not equal to brain capacity (stolen).

Hahaha kwani safaricom ni yenu??

Drink sprite

Drink sprite

U want to kill the village ama nini?

Dr klost alinikataza hio jatelo

You know those billions safaricom makes in profits? Most of it comes from CREDIT

The company that manufactures Safaricom is called Ellams, situated on Mombasa Road. Security ya hiyo place inashinda ya De La Rue.


Hahaha… Nasikia codes huwa activated zikifika destination… So mtu akiiba from kampuni amefanya zero work