Aspiring bikers, this is the bike you need.

To all aspiring bikers, this is the bike you need. Forget about the cow-sized bikes you have been dreaming about. Honda rebel 250 is a light, agile bike with a narrow footprint that will go anywhere your feet will take you. The fuel consumption is not something you will worry about, and the maintenance almost non-existence. Some would call this a starter bike, but I prefer to call it the perfect bike. It will carry you around town, comfortably cruise you to shags, and occasionally deliver a mid-sized momo to your clinic. This is the Honda rebel, the bike you have been dreaming about. Here is your chance to own one. Enda pale OLX for details.

If I will ever buy a Bike, it will be this one. This is super sexy. [ATTACH=full]242618[/ATTACH]

Hiyo tawesa offroad?

Mokonika ajaweka stamp of approval


Love this cruiser bikes , it being a honda means very little maintenance wish mufuko inge itikia

Si hiyo yako but ya OP

On this note, why would a 300cc bike cost 600,000 shillings?

@Makonika lete maoni

Si mbaya.
My friend did bodaboda with his hapo NPC Valley Rd until it died on him.
It’s a 1985, bei iko strung juu kidogo.
Pia unaweza weka ape hanger handlebars ikae kama Harley Davidson ya peasants.
Naweza nunua ya kwenda kubuy mukate na omena.
Honda parallel twin engines are solid.

hehe, btw unaskumanga type gani cc ngapi? na oti umemuundia moja?

This is the definition of beauty.

There’s something off about that advert. A 200cc bike of the same model can’t go for more than a 250cc.

Thaz all I have to say.

Unajaribu kusema nini??

The price is too low for a Honda 250cc in the condition it seems to be in that pic. Something is off. Something ain’t right.

Of course kitu imepostiwa kwa the likes of kina jiji unaexpect nini