Askari piga police

Sunday, May 2, 2021 – Drama ensued along a busy road in Nairobi after a police officer attached to the DCI engaged his colleague from the traffic department in a fistfight.
According to reports, the traffic officer from Ngong police station was going about his duties when he noticed a Subaru vehicle Registration number KBM 149 F, which was being driven recklessly.
The cop waved down the driver to stop but he defied the orders and sped off.
He chased the driver with a police motorcycle and cornered him near Karen County Club.
The drunk driver, who is a DCI officer attached at Karen police station, came out of his car breathing fire and engaged the traffic cop in a fistfight.


Nimeclik na hio dci ni jinga sana

Hiyo DCI lazima ni njaruo ama kisii,very full of himself,rude and arrogant.

He is a Kalenjin named Nicholas Kiptoo. Wakenya si mnapenda ukabila?

THen, ? I am the government

Takataka imemwaga unga like the fool he is. I hope the consequences are worth whatever he had

Watu wa akanyal

Pombe ni kitu mbaya

Afadhali hawangechukua video. Mjamaa labda ako na dependents. In the covid economy, with no job si atafanya kitu mbaya huyu? Many strings were probably pulled to get him that job. Angefanywa demotion na aende alcohol therapy or whatever it is called.

Upus. Those are things he should have been aware before drinking and attempting to fight a fellow D-.

But you don’t know why he is drinking. What if he has personal issues and no one to talk to? Cops are also human.

Patricia,why so emotional today?Who gives a shit why he’s drink driving.That bonobo needs to know that actions have consequences

Huwa mnachukia askari but kikiwaumania you still turn to them for help.

Awa makarao ile depression wanapitia iko on steroids. Huezi lewa tu unaenda kufight fellow officer. I think awa watu wanafaa kuwa na therapy sessions kila mwezi.

I’m confused,kwani ni favor watakuwa wananifanyia?They get paid to do their job.Corrupt cunts,the lot of them