Ask Chloe...

A lot of question have been lingering in your minds and I think its time to answer them.


What is the meaning of life?

what’s your kambodian name…

I just realized that I know you Chloe. Could you by any chance have worked at a renowned digital agency and are now working at a broadcasting power house?

When was your hymen broken into?

Are you a single mom and how many dicks have you swallowed?

How big do you like them

How old were you when you had sex the first time? How was it? where was it??
Your most favourite position?
in a night, wewe ni mtu wa quantity ama quality??

is it true that ukiomba dame mkamba coomer akunyime hakuskia umemuuliza nini

Could u draw me and Dipper together?

And how do you dress, in the pics below, first one or second one?

Why you no go out with me? :frowning:

alot alot
1…are you a breeder
2…what do you smoke??weed or cigarettes
3…have you ever been man handled well in bed
4…is it true what they say about kamba ngeos
5…are you a slay queen
6…if the questn nmbr 4 is true are you one of them

What’s your other blue handle?

weka picha ya vidole na jina ya chloe hapo

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

una miaka ngapi?

Only an idiot who has given up in life can ask such a question.


NO. I am a renowned businesswoman

When I was ready to have sex. That’s still in highschool

Yes. I am a single mom, I have swallowed many many but still countable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Size doesn’t matter. The game matters.

That’s just a myth. But we love sex.

@Pinto Q

Tafuta kwa earlier threads.

mbukusu ame wai kutomba ndani ya mcoondu ukalia MBWATA ?

A diplomat never recalls a woman’s age and he never forgets her birthday.

20-30 or in the 50’s?be honest jesus is seeing you.