Asault On Ndung'u And Ojwang

Two voters have filed a petition at JSC for the removal of Supreme Court judges Jackton Ojwang and Njoki Ndung’u on gross misconduct allegations.

[B]Francis Sakwa and Zacheus Okoth Oliech filed their petition on Monday.

They say the judges should be removed because of their actions.[/B]

The voters say justice Ojwang’s wife became a Principal Secretary immediately after the 2013 Supreme Court presidential election petition.

Before that, Jubilee Party had given her a direct ticket to to vie for Migori woman representative.

During his interview in September 2016, Ojwang was asked if his wife was given the job as an incentive for him sitting on the petition. He denied the allegations.

The petitioners say Ndung’u’'s judgement was written by someone else and that “it is a political manifesto of Jubilee” which has been used to unjustifiably amend the law.

Ojwang and Ndung’u disagreed with the majority determination that the August 8 presidential election did not adhere to the constitution and election laws.

[B]Ndung’u said most judges based their petition ruling on Article 83 of the Elections Act which ignored the sovereignty of the people.

She said as much as the judges critically looked at provisions of Articles 81 and 86 of the constitution, they did not consider those of Articles 82 and 83 which are fundamental to an election process.[/B]

Ojwang said he dissented the annulment of the election as the respondents did not contravene any provisions of the constitution or any other statutes.

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Lawyer Apollo Mboya has also filed a petition against the Lady Justice, seeking her removal over gross misconduct.

In an affidavit accompanying the petition sent to the JSC, said Ndung’u should be removed from office for breach of her oath of office.

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And they say that the Ngunjiri and Ngumu petitions are in bad faith?

there will be a counter petition against the other 4

Dawa ni ile ile. Too long now, NASA has considered itself the only party with rights to hold presser, protest, sue and write crazy letters to anybody from the IEBC to the French government.

funny the only issue they seem to have is how she came about her opinion while ignoring the implication of the opinion. do they have cctv and phone record of the saintly 2 with state house like we have of the 4 wakoras?

Jubilee MPs are already mounting pressure on Ngunjiri to move forward with the petition.It has become a game of “wanaleta petition na sisi tunaleta”.as Rao puts it during his campaigns

IE @Bissy niaje.

its all gud

Chess game

Nasa and judiciary went too far, no going back, they will just tip over. Jubilee mps can not agree to go for another election without those amendments. It will be another useless exercise that maraga and co. will nullify. Their plan is now known, they are setting us for a constitutional crisis. Those helping nasa in IEBC and Judiciary are now cornered, Chebukati is tactifully calling for a meeting and kisumu clerics are calling for a dialogue for nasa knows they are about to fall. And another thing uhuru doesn’t want to be sworn in by maraga na wakora wake, it is his time to punch back. After this uhuruto will have ashamed ICC, crooked media and biased judiciary.

i personally think justice ojwang could’ve recused himself but that petition against lady justice njoki is witch hunting 101.
After a year or so if both petitions are successful we might have a complete overhaul at the judiciary

You nailed it!!


What of mwilu who is wakos’ kisokorokwinyo

Yes @Duke of Busia. Why?

yaani mkamba ata akue lady justice they cant say no or is it that there is no kamba word to express a NO

whatever decision he could’ve made either side wangesema ohh shida ni bibi ohh shida ni lugha

Uhuru anafaa aapishwe na njoki ndungu

Kanini Kega told Ngunjiri arudishe kesi kortini. Ba bado Lenaola kesi inakam.

CJ and Co exposed their cards too early in the game, and that was their undoing.
Now everyone knows that they were biased.

Heheheee why was jakuon talking and campaigning for votes on 26th? Amejua hajui.