Asamoah Gyan

You mean he is still playing for Ghana national team? Mwathani?

This is Africa, being Africa.

Messi (32) is still playing for his national team. So is Luis Suarez (32) & Ronaldo (34). Gyan is 33 years. What is the problem? Hata angekuwa 80 but can still kick balls & make an impact for his team, what would be the problem? Yes, being Africans kupayuka mingi online ndio tunajua.

maybe its because he had so much potential, or rather his supposed potential was talked up so much, such that after he went below the radar most kind of forgot him, seeing him in the national squad comes as a surprice - akina messi and ronaldo are still playing at their potential so to say, and are consistent, huyu jamaa alipanda juu na akashuka haraka sana

You are right. But I don’t think that’s exactly the case here & besides, it shouldn’t be a surprise really to see him in the field. I mean, there are alot of other players who just fell off the radar too but are pretty much in the game. Furthermore, given he is infamously known for missing a very crucial penalty kick for the same team he is playing for & that we are living in an “internet era”, I don’t think it should be a shock that that happened to him. But when you see a guy in here say "This is Africa, being Africa. "…you immediately can tell why he is being discussed.

Apparently Nana Akufo-Addo, Ghana’s President pressured the national team coach to select him but angebaki.

Italian footballers retire way past their 30s back to our Ghanaian brother he was forced back

This is Africa. Gyan aneza kuwa 50 years

Not really…only happened with the last generation…the materazzi and totti generation and they are still paying for it! it locked out a whole generation of youngsters…Will take another 10years for Italian soccer to recover