As predicted by real estate birrionaires here, Banda homes has just shafted home buyers a good one

Hapa naona mtu akikula risasi

Nyumba zilifaa kuisha last year but wanasema ni corona

Wanajenga nyumba za vumbi. Cement zero.

So sad! For some people, that was their entire life’s work and savings.

Mindorocrass must be conned until they stop using their head like helmets

I think KE is the easiest place to make a quick easy buck coz the middle class believe in dreams especially the sweetness of owning your own home. Just get motor-mouth salesmen, aggressively advertise on Fb where most people believe anything as long as you are many (Fb has sheep mentality), and you are in business.

The way it works is that if one manages to collect 100s of millions from home buyers, then you can do what you want
because all GOK agencies tasked with protecting wanjiku from this kind of scams, are all lined up for their cut

My retirement plan is to invest my money in government securities na hedge fund.
Real estate hapo ni kama pata potea.

If you want to own your house in Kenya, just buy land and build a house under your supervision

These houses are ten minutes away from my place… some of my neighbors wanted to buy but i warned them aganist it. This crooks started a new project without compliting the first phase yet some fools were still buying into the new project sijui tulirogwa na nani!!! . In the same area there is also another developer who is selling houses off plan na pia yeye ameshindwa mpaka kumaliza show house. This idiots had a good thing going but they fucked it up. There is huge market for houses under 6m any developer who can deliver this without taking money from buyers will be in business for a long time.

And don’t you dare shift supervision to someone else.


Niaje foreman…

Poa sana…

Ukiskia kazi ya mkono nichanue.
Man garra eat.

Very sad. Unfortunately, these won’t be the last investors to be conned- greed and corruption in Kenya!


It depends; there are still trustworthy folks out there.

This fvcker used to operate as Dinara where he screwed real estate investors before closing shop to open Banda…soon he will close it and open another con.

China Wu you seem to be only ones delivering. Lakini this is a serious crime. Juzi I saw another guy had conned people 900M.

Govt should be very hard on such guys

They are only trustworthy if you exactly know what they are doing. To give someone full control without supervision, and they only come to you for finances to buy materials, my friend ata your closest people lazma wakunyoroshe kitu.

But if you line the gava’s pockets, it’s free reign. So the won’t be taken anywhere.