As Kenyans,we are better of

Mlio na bundles take time to watch this documentary about Papua Guinea

A good percentage of Kenyan remote areas are better

Umetembea wapi coast, ukambani, na north eastern?

Many counties but not all,in my view we are not there but we are doing better …much better

Mwambie atumie njia ya Garissa to Mombasa aone reality

mimi huona hata nairobi syokimau or kitengela hakuna barabara

These New Guineans all have red teeth. Even the Priest. Should stop eating that Bechel Nut.

True. Lakini hapo hata kuna afadhali. Pick a point in the middle of Syokimau na uchore mile mia moja hamsini mraba (ama 250 km mraba) uone how long you have to drive to get to a tarmac road. Do the same in many spots in ukambani, north eastern, and even north rift uone. In many of those parts, distance from one tarmac road to the next is not even with 150 miles. It is 400km. Ni watu, wakenya wanaishi huko, hata kama ni wasomali, au wachonyi, au wakamba.

there are areas in kenya hardened gsu rejects are congratulated for surviving there. the nearest shop you can get cigarettes is 350 km away. the nearest network signal is 250km away. the nearest place you can get a woman of loose morals is 350km away. nearest water point is 150km away. na watu uko wanajua moi bado ako kwa kiti. North Eastern imekua neglected for long.

Mzungu ako na monolpy yake kabisa.

I find it astonishing that the surrounding nations are booming and yet this country of black men and women is wallowing in poverty.

They are being killed and they have some very stupid old traditional believes that has greatly hampered their ability to join the rest of the people in the 21st century.

It’s true. Nenda Zambia, there are wild cows and people who still walk naked.

We Africans were first colonised then conditioned to believe in imaginary borders that serve the white man’s interests

Ama aende place inaitwa Dakawachu in the middle of Tana River County.
Waah!!! Stuck in 1881. Ata stima hazijafika and elephants and leopards roam there na National Park iko mbali!!
The there is Hadado in Wajirwhere I went when they struck gas.
Backward place, backward people, backward EVERYTHING!!!

Those places are inhabited by Arabs.

umeamua kutupa uppercut?


That documentary iko chonjo.that truck driver has big heart.sharing meals with the neibas

Which Arabs??? I happen to be predominantly one and I did not see a Single Arab anywhere in those places.