As a mgtow I will never know this feel

Feels kind of bad man

Did we forcefully recruit you?

I never chose the mgtow life, this life chose me

It seems there is a misconception about MGTOW, let me shed more light, MGTOW are men who have decided that no female or societal expectations or defined behaviour will be used as a tool to guide their actions. They pursue their life purpose, mission, happiness, objectives, and desires without giving a fcuk about others opinions. That being said, we have mgtows who are monks, divorced/separated fathers, married (with their wives not interfering with their ways), single and not dating, single and into hookers, and lastly incels who think they are MGTOWS

Kizungu kingi Kama mwanamke

This is the only one reason I’ll never be a MGTOW.

Ntavuta one of your testicles plus scrotum kutumia hose clamp pliers

Vile amesema ni ukweli

Aliyekuuliza wewe uliye na kimbelembele Kama hawara mapaja nyeusi ni nani?

We inafaa ufinywe scrotum moja tu.

You are one depressed warriah ,rudi kwenu senile fool

Says some black piece of shit

It won’t be forever

We don’t need your membership. MGTOW are high IQ’d people… even here it is self-evident


Kwetu ni hapa… we were in mount kenya area and nanyuki before y’all

Procreation and marriage are independent phenomenal , Mgtow and procreation will co exist peacefully.

Haha ,fool hating on blacks yet feeding off our lands…the irony.

Which lands?

Rudi zoomalia kumbaff wewe