Arunga amenyonga mtoto

Former TV presenter Esther Arunga admits in court that she misled police about son’s death; pleads guilty to manslaughter - Australian media reports. [ATTACH=full]248458[/ATTACH]

There is a thread on this already and with a better header. Eeeeish…
Esther Arunga.... - General - Kenya Talk

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The curse of a parent falls on the ears of God! Acha akaozee jela!

Him and Micymas and a few others never read other peoples’ posts. Seems their work is to trawl the internet for anything and run here faster that Usain Bolt and dump the stuff. The irritating condition has a name in blogology, ni vile nimesahau.

Sasa Shosho

Alidanganywa na ule alpha pastor wa KIDOLE church

Umewapata Leo. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Sitakimya:p