Arsenal wins

Bluetooth uko wapi after kuropokwa na kuleta mpaka stats.
Thot Chelsea got new tires for the bus?:D:D


Napenda sana…hii kijana Oxlade the Ox mambo mbaya…yeye apana tambua takataka

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Yeah. I hope they can build on that and win something bigger this season. EPL or UCL.

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@WuTang , shida ya Arsenali ni injuries na hii fala bado haijanunua ma player…Sasa imagine if Ox, Theo, Cazorla. Ozil etc wakipata injuries…tutakosa replacements…hapo ndio sasa mzee wenger ukumbuka shieeeet i forgot to buy players bt no worry kinanda to the inexperienced Youth team. Unakumbuka ile 8-2 tulivalishwa na Man u years back…blunder ilikuwa the same same…most of the senior players were injured…jamaa alikimbilia youth team…i remember that day very well. I looked at bthe Asrsenal line up nikashindwa hawa ni akina nani naona mbele ya Tv yangu…yaani nobodies



After watching the pre season games i got some strength that gunners this time round are no joke.

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The @virus Cyrus munuhe ako Wapi?

Congratulations Arsenal, from a true Blue, and all the best for the rest of the season. Chelsea made a mistake and were punished for it.

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Kichapo hakuna mistake hapo

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Stima kupotea hii area. Na vile kuwatch replays ni stress

your views, your right…

hope mourinho will run his mouth a lot less, petr cech was great


Chelsea’s defence cannot cope with a team that has speedy wingers. But Cech played very well today so did Courtois.

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Kudos Gunners

And Sanchez was away just imagine Chelshitt playing without Hazard. I feel good today

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You have to thank ox for that one moment of brilliance. Chelsea played well too but they missed the services of their hit man.

Me no gooner but well done arsenal as for them winning the epl/ucl they are a cb, dm and striker away from doing it

congrats boss,sometimes in life you have to let your loosing friend to win in order to feel good about themselves :-):slight_smile:

:D:D Sour grapes story.Hope haukupoteza ndoo uki bet kama mabeshty wangu.

Gambling is not my cup,hope arsenal will play the same way to end of season otherwise they will struggle since hamna replacements when injuries knock