Arsenal v Manchester City Sunday 6.30PM

Tuko nyumba ya … mtu aweke ile picha ya Foden firing

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Arsenal will win and Liverpool will lose!

The best Arsenal can hope for is a draw, saliba amenza ku lose form hapo nyuma. Foden, Halland and co will do that ting

Leo ni leo, Arsenal fans najua leo ni kukaza haga mbayaa

League inaenda leo

It’s a very unpredictable match. Might just go either way. But I think city might carry the day

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Tutapiga hao Maffi City like dogs in front of their fans

1-1 ama 2-1 in favor of city, is my prediction

My prediction Man City win 3-1.

Draw of 2-2

Liverpool leading 2-1 so Arsenal pressure is on. Can’t wait to see them crumble

Congratulations Arsenal, you escaped. First half City had 72% possession

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I like Kloop, good coach. Liverpool will do a Chelsea or Mam-u when he leaves

Arsenal bure kabisa