Hizi ni gani?

Arteta and Edu are two mad men , we have over 8 good defenders plus wame loan out Saliba. what we need is two good creative midfielders but maumbwa wameona wanunue an overpriced overrated defender worth 50 m.

Ben white had good games for England hio sighning iko sawa.

Pricing ndio shida. Hii ni mtu mngebuy na 10-20M

Ni kama Saliba alimunch bibi ya Arteta.

If you think arsenal have good defenders then i am afraid you know nothing about football uwesmakende

Auba ni umbwa kabisa , jamaa ameuza three clear goals against Rangers . very lazy cow

Sadly english players are overpriced and Ben White is only 23.Good deal to Arsenal

Saliba is not yet ready for Epl and thats why he chose a loan to Marseille.

Why is he not ready yet Saka and Martinelli are?

Kuja kwa team kubwa Manchester United mdau.

Too jog your memory Saliba had injuries immediately Unai signed him,got loaned then covid came.He lost his mum and last season went on loan a bit late.He hasnt played much as compared to Saka and Martinelli.