Arsenal defeat Bayern Munich! Yes

Arsenal 2 Bayern Munich 1 Great start!

Wengine wanapigana 15-0 na hawasumbui.

[ATTACH=full]248950[/ATTACH]I think you know where am going with this :cool:

heheheh I see it

Swali rahisi, Mtu hupigaje hii screenshot umetandika hapa.

@Duke of Busia hizo screen shots huwa unatake aje

In Emery we try to trust

In koscielny we trust…hehe
Banter club…

It’s an inbuilt feature of my device that I got after an update. Tecno pouvoir 2 pro

We are now celebrating a fluke pre season friendly win ?? This is an evidence of one of the reasons why Arsenal has fallen from grace to mediocrity. The fans have settled for the achievement of the bare minimum. From competing for titles,to struggling to qualify for the champions League to now settling for the mediocre Europa League.

Arsenal is now a washed up club,a mid table team on par with the likes of Everton,Westham and Wolves. The decline of Arsenal started more than 10 years ago when it was bought by a penny pinching faux American capitalist.The owner of the club now sees it as just an item in his investment portfolio and has no care in the world for the game itself. Arsenal is dead.

Hapa umesema nini?

What part of my statement don’t you understand ? Should I translate that sentence to Bukusu for you to get what I mean ?? :D:D

arsenal has been strong than before hope they make a fingerprint in the PL this season. in case you were looking for arsenal live stream