Arsenal are shit, a complete waste of space

Listen, whoever pulled the plug on Pépé, I want to buy them a drink. Would’ve been the biggest waste of £72 million in the history of football. Arsenal were absolutely robbed.

Imagine coming back home after a very stressful day and then you switch on your TV only to see your team losing AGAIN! Thank God the second part of this statement doesn’t apply to me. How on earth do you Arsenal fans cope??? I mean, how!!!

Pigwa kama burukenge.
Now imagine being an Arsenal fan married to a post wall single matha

Nunueni Countinho, Berca desperately need a buyer!

mcoosh mangapi…quote in dollars

The team has lost it’s spirit…I see people shouting “bring on Ozil”…sijui “Arteta Out”…that won’t solve shit. Arsenal have good players and youngsters Akina Saka, Martinelli, Willock but as a team they lack that “bite”…that hunger to win…they might just get relegated.

Arsenali will rebound very soon. I wish them all the best.
They are our worthy rivals and I kinda want them to stick around.

Inakaa uko mentally unstable kiasi au ur always fucked up on ice

We cope surprisingly very well. Win, draw or lose it doesn’t make a difference the season is already over. I just hope we don’t go down coz kurudi ni noma.

No bro. The team is full of shit. All the hunger or bite in the world cannot turn a donkey into a racehorse. Players like Xhaka, Bellerin, El Neny, Holding, Wilian, Mustafi…this is who they are. We cannot expect a Toyota to perform like a Ferrari.

@T.Vercetti kuja useme kitu on Arsenal’s recent performance dip.

Kai Havertz might beat Pepè to that title.

Not all single mothers are cruel beings. Some are reformed and submissive wives.


Sir, I don’t know whether you’re trying to sound smart or controversial but either way. There’s a reason why she’s a single mother.


Chief Mbuta really tries very hard to sound smart but every time he opens his stinking mouth he spews only garbage.

Chorea hizo bana, don’t encourage a 3 month old new villager in insulting veterans.

We both know very well that an NV is more of a reincarnated handle here.

Why would you encourage cowards who hide behind multiple handles?

That should really be a question directed at the @administrator

Hajui, he is just some mufcker with only knowledge of content management system. If you tell him about data analytics he will run away