Arror's behaviour

Its either Daktari knows something we don’t know, or the boss is a simp.
Time will tell.

Arror has eaten the guts of a bear, haogopi!

Hes taken too long…Remember Rao as premier? Hangekubali madharau for so long…am still waiting for the warrior in Ruto to wake up and take on these dynasties

Arror vs the government. He will soon learn.

WSR is doing the honorable thing. Keep still and let them work themselves to a frenzy. He is a v wily cat and this is what frustrates impatient Uhuru. Besides he is showing that he is mindful of any explosion between Kyuks and Kales. Uhuru shows no foresight. All he is there to do is mind the Kenyatta investments under his mother’s instructions.
He does not care about Jakuon and you lot nope. Hiyo ni uwongo.

Eeeeish what gava? we don’t have any at the mo. Where on God’s earth does the ruling gava and the opposition dine from the same pot openly?

Ruto is a coward…I think he was “bought” and Jubilee is not a partnership.

Finest when are you visiting 254?

Why do you ask Wafula?

Kuna kitu nataka kukuambia in person

unfortunately more knowledgeable personages closer to Uhuru than you think otherwise

:D:D:DNilifikiria ni zile ‘mavoo za Kare4’ which sijasahao BTW. I would be there by now were it not for Rona. Tuliogopa kufungiliwa huko.
At the mo looks like mid this year since we are in lockdown. [SIZE=1]Lakini najua chenye unataka kunishow.[/SIZE]

Hakuna kitu anataka kukushow. Anataka kukupiga kende halafu aingie Kwa ile forest @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii alipanda miti.:D:D:D

Hahah…these Rutoists, tangatangaists are just like maga; eti, oh he’s very smart; smart move; he knows something we don’t know; game bado changa etc, etc…

Like the magaists who were lamenting about widespread, enormous vote fraud but when pressed had nothing to show, and at best posted a photo of a single ballot or two being cured.

You’re having illusions about the abilities of your man. There is nothing, he has no major, surprising, history-making moves he can make. Really, what kind of brilliant moves do you expect from a guy being bebwad in a wheelbarrow!

Thought you might have learned something from what has been going on in the US; the house always wins.

I guess you haven’t

He is flying too close to the sun like Icarus.

Sasa umemharibia game kapsaa. Nilisuspect ni hiyo ‘cargo’ lakini sikuwa nimeona akinitoka. Wafula hiyo deal imekunywa maji.:smiley:

Enda umguzishe kanyau huyo ni mlevi msapere wenu wa Gìthogoro. Shot moja amelala. Kesho amerauka not to be seen again since atakuwa amepotelea kwa [SIZE=2]karia karûrū. :D:D:D[/SIZE]


Paper Tiger. Hii Nchi iko na CIC mmoja pekee ingine ni kelele tu.

Shut up malaya nono hii

@Wanaruona is mistaken, I respect people’s wives. Yangu ilikuwa ile story ya vocha

Hmmmmmm. Bibi ya wenyewe ni sumu. Hiyo ya Mavoo sijasahau bruh.