Arror kwisha!

It seems this was a very well orchestrated plan to rig the elections and upload forged forms 34A on to the IEBC portal.
Pongezi kwake. This was ingenious and actually managed to fool everyone.

However, nobody can just take food out of the mouth of a tiger(the deep state machinery) and expect to emerge unscathed.

Arror will deservedly win but he needs to start preparing for the inevitable retribution.

what are you saying ?

Mental gymnastics detected :D:D:D
Whoever will lose akubali tu decision ya Kenyans priss. Tunataka kurudi kutafuta unga.

If you win it’s ok. If you loose it’s rigged. Meffi wewe

we have a long way to go, if these claims are proved in SCOK, this election will stand null and void.

Chebukati will declare results from VERIFIED PHYSICAL forms only not online so hii sijui who hacked what is hogwash!

You really believe that one can prove that the forms34a were deleted, then fake ones inserted? This is why chebukati did not tally for you. By now, we would have all the results tallied for us. The forms that matter are those that will be physically delivered to bomas.

There are many allegations of elections malpractices out there, and all what is needed is prove, and elections will be voided.

2022 elections are free and fair. No more excuses for perennial losers.

:cool::cool::cool: Hahaha. 5 stages of Grief

I believe the only time raila may have been stolen from was 2007.
2013 and 17 he lost fair and square.

I’m 100% sure about 2017 because of the hogwash he brought to the media about ‘vifaranga vya kompyuta’.
As a person in IT, I don’t think the bs I saw on that day will be topped in my lifetime. And I voted for him.
Counting on the fact that 99.99% of Kenyans can’t understand databases and other IT jargon, to lie to them.
I think this year he will be exposed.

When Junet and Ngilu were giving out their Tallies per ‘IEBC forms in the portal’ they were okay.

Now that the numbers are all in, and they tell a different story…

Now you want to say they are fake?

Pressers loading…

Losers always have an excuse. But tunaelewa there are five steps of grieving. Mko denial stage.

Dipstet…self incliminating. Open Servers ,were wide open. Next boogeyman…:D:D:D:D

All over sudden we are hearing about malpractices,i bet your preferred candidate is losing hence the claim.
Everyone is now looking for an excuse to justify their loss.
Typical with Kenyans

Watu wakubali tu kama mimi Arror ameshinda but with a very uncomfortable margin for someone who has campaigned for 10years and banked on Mt kenya. Needs a new formula for 2027…itabidi aongee na mzito oparanya na kalonzo na pia he changes the tone when addressing fellow leaders…pale kakamega na vihiga hatupendi madharau tukiongeleshwa

Tunakubali based on what na results hazijatangazwa?

:D:D:D:D:D…he who has the sword of power call’s the tune,uliza koigi,matiba and company.

lakini si kuna mtu alisema mahali ati wamama wakamba wakisema watakupatia watakupatia yoooooote?

kũu ti kũumwa? :D:D

Kama Azimio wanasema kura zimeibiwa, kweni ata hao hawawezi iiba?
How hard is it to steal votes using manual register and backing of the deep state?
I want Raila to win, but I know majority of voters use emotions instead of logic so it’s possible that Ruto could win.