Arranged marriage is being discussed on KTN NEWS as the only way to stem the rising divorce rates discussed by Bi.Kifimbo. She says sex before marriage is the main cause of unstable marriages. People are used to too many partners and cant live without MWKs.Married men and women are main customers at lunchtime in hotel rooms. Sex outside marriage leads to breakdown of communication.

Test drive lazima hadi upate perfect match… Alafu apo mbele just to compare na decision uli make

sasa naona wewe ni mhindi.

Women are advised to accept all their husband kids born out of wedlock. And husbands not to lie to wives when they impregnate women outside! Heh!!!

Sisi waluhya never deny our kids born outside wedlock

Hataaa! Mimi ni mumeru tho kuna wahindi wameru. Lemme tell you, even today if I was to remarry I can only do an arranged marriage. Its the best! When you meet someone you have zero feelings then they woo you and seduce you in marriage till unampenda. Achana na luv at first arranged is the sweetest bcz luv grows but in these luv luv ones the most luv you feel is when you are dating its all downhill from there. Me even you give me a python or a gorilla I will tame it. Hakuna mwanaume anaweza nishinda. Kwanza I like those vichwa ngumus. The ones siwezi ni wale am in luv at first sight coz hapo akili haitafanya poa niweze kummanage!

Early marriages are the reason for MWK,parents are rushing their children to get married at an early age.

The solution to cheating and mpango wa kando is polygamy our Muslim brothers hawana hizi shida

How young is young?

do you have children? if yes how old are they?

Ive never seen a happy polygamous family its just uchawi, one uping each other,drama and competition. Id rather break up nikuachie mume b4 I live in a polygamous union! Yuck!

Twins turn 13 in Dec

being young is a state of mind, if one still hasn’t matured , he/she won’t see the meaning of marriage

Speak for yourself madam polygamy is the solution upende usipende

Women hate sharing! Utarogwa hadi kufa!

talk to them about this arranged marriage when they are of age and come back tell us how it went down, probably in 15 years time.

With these red pill cult,am not taking chances. My husband and I are already sourcing suitors among like minded parents!

hahaha. kikikiki. good luck with that in 2030. Your daughter will get married without your knowledge, utaletewa mjukuu tu. Your son will also do the same. He will impregnate a chic he met on Tinder 3.0 and bring her home.

Welcome to the 21st century madam.

I have more faith in my personal ingenuity and my child rearing skills than in Tinder. I was also hellbent on this falling in love mamboz! Until I had a terrible experience ,woke up to reality and decided my parents are right to arrange for me a suitor from a family they know inside out. My friends who were most in luv n thot I was insane are now divorced while I continue to be happily married to a man who was a complete stranger to me, all I had was my faith in my parents judgement!

You will meet someone perfect in one way but a complete let down in another. There is no single factor that is more important in marriage than another, there has to be a factors trade off until you get to what is acceptable to both parties in a marriage.