ARMY ON THE STREETS! ( digi to keep updating elders)

South African Army has been deployed to Cape Town streets to suppress crime and fight criminal gangs.[ATTACH=full]249122[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]249123[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]249124[/ATTACH]

Minister ,Ntombile khumalo amesemaje juu ya hii issue

Digiri, the most ignored chieth on ktalk

they did this in 2017 and issue was not sustainably resolved, hope this time they do a better cleanup job

Apartheid ilipatia hawa watu serious social problems

Its good that our south african brothers got their independence but that country has gone to the dogs just like us.

In Kigali the soldiers have been venturing into the streets from 2.30pm to around 9.30pm since 1997.
You cannot spot a chokosh in any of their major streets.

They need a secret crack killer squad of about 10 officers only to sweep such elements from the streets. Iyo ingine ni hii upuzi gava inafanyanga pale baringo ya kunyoroshwa na neanderthal bandits

Warudishie waafrika shamba

Waafrika wataziuza tuu. You know the drill.

Kubaya sana kaa polisi wameshindwa…Failed state ama nini?

Wamecopy M7