Army Biscuits

Under what brand are they commercially sold in shops/supermarkets?

i don’t know but try anything called crackers

Used yo call them mbao… Sold only in afco.

Yeah, this is the same as asking if you can find Afco beer in the supermarkets.You can’t.Those are armed forces supplies mean’t strictly for their consumption.

No I know there is because in high school kuna boy alibuy a whole box only to find them its sugar less and it tasted exactly the same as army biscuits

It wasnt marked army biscuits

Na si utafute huyo boy umuulize.


You’re so smart sikuwa nimefikiria hivyo @Unicorn

They are not necessarily army biscuits,they’re sugarless biscuits and can be found in any super joints

Unadhani ukikula hizo biscuits utaingia army ???:smiley:


Hio sio dawa ya minyoo

Any brand name that you know of?

Enquire sugarless biscuits in the supermarket, but they don’t come cheap:(

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

if its for your own consumption,why dont u link up with any army personnel (s)he buys for you from their shops?

If only I knew somebody

Cant be expensive but I’ll ask

I meant they are more expensive than ordinary sugar biscuits:mad:

Of all the thousands of Army personnel and support staff working all over Kenya, you don’t know one…kamoja tu?
Haya basi…send the money via mpesa I will buy for you.

Nilijua ule judas wa klist though not on a personal level

Hatutabishana those tularge boxes of 200+ NICE biscuits were the most expensive na sukari imejaa kila mahali