Kuna hii mafuta called Arimis. When I was growing up, we used to know it’s for milking cows and mostly sold in agrovet shops at prices ranging between 10 – 15 bob.

However of late, you can’t find it in the said agrovet shops. It’s now a sort after product mostly stocked at cosmetics and beauty shops and i bet the price has changed too.


Women: whatever they use it for…

Men : to resolve standoff situations ( kujiponyota)…

But one thing is constant ( K) Arimis is used for pointed things… kama matiti

[SIZE=4]ya ngombe.:D:D [/SIZE]

Some people are generally slow (Aviator et al)

Arimis has the properties of a lubricant… More Arimis more desired sliding effect…


Hii mafuta ndio best kwa newborns. That’s wat I learnt.

Nivea sijui Johnsons ni wewe

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Due to its usage in the milking cows, it was realised it had no reaction to kids with sensitive skin. Adults embraced it whole hearted.


Very true. And scent free.

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Johnson’s is the worst for baby’s especially newborns.

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You will go to satan

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never ever…:cool::cool::):slight_smile:

Aparently kuma watu wanaitwa Arimis…


In meru it means farmer/s

product ilichange uses ivo

Yah. Infact it should just rebrand itself to a human product

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Then they would make more money just by re-branding.

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Wrong… If it ain’t broken… Don’t fix…