Are you addicted to visiting brothels because you are a shy guy and fear approaching women in real life?

I feel this is a menace to this forum and Kenya at large, What is the problem?

I do visit brothel not because I fear women but because Relationships nowadays are just expensive and troublesome. I like sex and I like to have my freedom

let’s say you’re addicted to sex and prostitutes then

Not really.Shida ni variety.And how long it takes to bed a woman.You see,for a man of African decent,you have to nut at least 21 times every month to assure yourself of prostate cancer free sunset years.There are two ways about it,kula wife,which is OK,but you can’t be eating wife daily considering circumstances like being on periods, sometimes she is not in the mood,sometimes we are not in good terms etc etc.The second option would be the other women who are not straight up hoes.For them they want to be treated special before they unleash the coochie eg taken for drinks dinner a drive out of town etc etc even if you have fucked her before.I fucking want to nut 21 times a month,am not going to take 21 women for dinner or out of towns for me to do that.The third option are hoes who trade their poosies directly.Simply tell her you want to fuck her all the styles from 2pm to 6pm.She names her price na unamkula bila stress and you all part your ways bila feelings.Next time you can even get a huge discount coznof having become a regular customer.Whether you are fucking a normal woman or a malaya you are still paying for poosie.The difference is that for a normal woman you pay for it in terms of gifts,entertainment, small favors eg nisaidie na 2k urgently,dinners etc.For malayas it’s straight up how much can I pay for ne to get poosie until I get tired.She quotes the price, you pay and the coochie is yours for the duration.Soea hio fact.

hehe, what are the downsides of sleeping with prostitutes? lazima kuna a bigger price you’re paying trust me, mostly spiritually

Yes and no. Sometimes I like being with my girl but their is some of excitement that I get from being with a prostitute which I don’t get when am with my girl. So maybe Am addicted


At least you are self aware. wewe You’ll be out of it one day

The end justifies the means. Haja ni kumwaga.

kama tanzania majority of women are prostitutes we intentions zako sii kununuwa kuma but dem mwenye atakuuliza utampea shs ngapi ndio mwende na yeye soo inabaki umetomba malaya. plus dont be fooled most pple who fuck prostitutes arent afraid of women kwanza they the most confident pple

The minute you say hi to a Kenyan lady, she suddenly defaults on her rent, her gas ishas, and she falls sick requiring urgent medical attention. Just two minutes after saying hi. Afadhali maliar unamuuliza poinblank “HII COOMER YAKO UNAUZAJE?” na mnamaliza hapo.

Only unschooled semiliterates believe in that spiritual price stuff.How does a mechanical act of inserting deek into poosie for ejaculation translate to a spiritual act?If that were the case then sleeping with any woman who is not your wife would warrant you the same consequences coz you are not the only person they are sleeping with.The ultimate price is getting HIV,usually if one has unprotected sex.But even then,the risk is 1 sexual act out of 1000 for healthy HIV negative man to be infected by a HIV positive woman during penetrative vaginal sex if she is well lubricated.The risk is even lower upto 1 out out of 10,000 if she is on antiretrovirals.The other STIs can be managed by antibiotics or by generally ensuring you are healthy with a good immunity level.

most are not confident.

undhani kuingia brothel kama sabina joy ya 3 mchana saa zile kila mtu anakuona haha ni rahisi kweli?

It steals your confidence, like you can never approach a woman in real life and bag her using your charisma. That is part of the spiritual side effect

Kuna hekaya nilisoma hapa ktalk.Jamaa aliingia kwa club flani ma late evening na beste yake wakaanza kukata maji.akauliza beste yake kama anajua place wanaeza pata madem within hio area.From a dark corner mahali hakuna bulb but unaona tu moshi ni ile light ya fegi inavutwa waliskia mtu ameshout ‘COOMER NI SOOO TANOOO!!!’

Hao watu wanakuona hawakujui alafu unaenda umeingia mbio so it does not require much confidence

i visit for variety. the beauty is in tasting all sizes.

Oh,I see.I thought you were heading towards ‘sharing soul ties’ with the hoes that one sleeps with.It depends on the individuals though.In my opinion ones confidence would be eroded further in case they are sleeping with hoes in cases where they already have a condition that makes them feel less of a man eg a scar face,poor manner of speech,accent etc.I know of majamaa married to beautiful women,banging beautiful side cheeks,but in the middle of a late afternoon outing with the beautiful side cheek,would sneak out to go bang a hoe and then come back.There are several permutations to reasons behind fucking hoes.It would be unjust to simply narrow it to lack of confidence.

i visit for variety. the beauty is in tasting all sizes.