Are we rapists?

In the days of yore, a girl just didn’t say yes to sexual advances even when she was dying to be DFHKM’ed. They would twiddle, fuss, drill holes on the ground with their toes, pluck a million leaves off of a plant or something. We were “trained” to look out for such cues and then pounce! “A good girl never says ‘Yes’”, we were told. This is how most guys got laid back then (huko kwa mahindi); and how some still do in the villages.

The problem is; some of the girls actually meant ‘No’, when they said it. We just couldn’t really tell, and if/when we did, we just assumed and pounced anyway!

Trying such antics with our more educated sisters like @Purr_27 and @Female Perspective would probably earn you a stint in Kamiti where you are the one who will be pleading “No” to the likes of Atwoli na ule jamaa wa @kabuda.

How many of you “pounced”? Are we rapists?


As long as she availed herself that was a yes, is that is consent from the word go.


Mimi mtu kama angeingia kwangu ilikuwa game shot. Whether rape, or too willing.

spot on!

Kwa mdem kama @Female Perspective hakuna kitu kama rape, she is always willing to be a ferkee

Come to think of it, this Kiraitu guy was ahead of his time

Ukichapa mbwa msikitini, si kosa!

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we pounced. those who were not willing used to run like Eldoret Express, hence the coinage “Karuga benji”…i don’t seem to get the translation right @Supu don help here…but they only used to be difficult the first time.


This is the way things were and still are …You cant just change a cultural precedent by protesting for all females in the world. Human relations are complicated and are best left to those that have ‘agreed’ to participate in coitus

What about guys who fcuk palmela like @kush yule mnono , is that rape ama? Obviously palmela has got no brain hence no consent


But again, chyeth

hahahahaha :D:D:D:D

KUSH hebu weka Ile story uliwank shot kumi

:D:D Mujamaa leo ni Sunday wacha ufala