For someone with a pink handle, that is bellow the belt.
Follow the rink

Are you missing something between your ears?


Did you miss your way going somewhere else and landed here?

@Davidee you are a village elder, more is required of you not that.Don’t stoop that low

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First it was about Birth records and certificates…sijui Obama came from Mars…now sasa ni bibi amekuwa Shemale…i think republicans are crazy

Sawa nimeskia

Nobody is going after the children. It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents? For example, media questioned, whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate. Media reported on adoption of McCain’s second daughter Bridget, on adoption of Romney’s grand children, on birth of two of Romney’s grand children by a surrogate, why not provide an explanation, why there are no birth records of Malia and Sasha Obama in national databases, while all the other records are there. This is particularly of interest, as it was shown that Barack Obama is using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What is going on?

And you buy that crap? That says a lot about you.

Damn it all makes sense now.


Its food for thought @Wu Tang

It’s one thing for Republicans to come up with shit about the Obama’s and another for our very own @spax to post the same shit here. Another new low for this female villager. Njuri Ncheke won’t take this lying down

When i lift my skirt up, the Njuri’s will pardon me.

Abomination ooh! running away

Hey! The gods of Mt. Kenya are not amused.

I was searching for high priced fertilizer on Google and it brought me here. I don’t know how that happened.

So what? We sometimes forget to tuck it in! Toa hii uputhi hapa…

priced. Ama unatafuta zawadi ya mbolea madam? :wink:

I’m not an englishian wacha ni edit. Thanks


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