Are these points redeemable!

Just been awarded Seriously likeable. Thought that would promote me to village elder, but wapi!

Now, admin, can I redeem them for bundles? ama ni za nini! ?

Redeem dwyfwy na mod. of your choice.:wink:

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@old monk


Good for you.:wink:
He needs it.

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Huyu aviator ni msichana tena?

Have always been.

kwani anapenda ma laptop ama ma momo

Am a momo kiasi -86kgs. We can cope.

You should be gaining weight given you dont Drae Frae. Ama tudanganye unaendanga Gym?

I thought ulikubali wewe ni ndume


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Nice choice for…

Which technique is working?

Imagining you dnt have one… Faith can move mountains


Ah kumbe watu wa vitambi ni wengi. I never seem to be that type despite trying.

I never admitted to being male. And am not shemale.

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yangu ata sikumbuki nilipeaangwa lini

fikisha 63 points ukue elder

hizo points apply course ya administration for mongooses



mwanamke wa wapi wewe na ndio vile uko mang’aaa…

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No man. you did admit. ukasema you never knew your handle was indicating you are female and changed handle to male immediately.

Proudly Nyerian.