Are these plots genuine?


The name betrays the company

If they are past that Kenchic Factory, then they are genuine.

@Sambamba kuja ununue plot. After ku con watu na SMS huwes kosa kakitu.

Na tena ziko karibu na huko kwenu Kahawa.

Mzee wangu alinunua mashamba enough mimi kazi yangu for now is to develop them not to buy useless plots in the middle of nowhere.

Wajinga ndio wali. Wao. Huezi ishi kwa 50*100 ocha. Ata zile kuku tunafuga huitaji space

Na vile huwa unajidai self made IT mbirrionea kumbe unakula za daddy??? :D:D

Of course sis yako wa U.S ndio the real developer/financier. Wewe ni supervisor. Wewe role yako inaitagwa supervision of continuing works.

Why do you want to buy today’s land at future prices? Those burotu maguta maguta ni scam kabisa and if you are keen to shop with in that area, you can get a bigger parcel for the price of a 50x100

Yeye ni assistant wa foreman @Randy pale kwa mjei

I feel as if I never hear about movies anymore unless it’s a crummy reboot/remake or otherwise unoriginal plot. The only thing I can think of is that studios do not want to take risks on unsure stories. Is it as simple as that?

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