Are there better ways to purify water? Like many Kenyans, I don’t trust Kanjo water. I drink boiled water after its cooled.
The problem is the taste. It doesn’t taste natural.
So in efforts to increase my life expectancy I’m trying to drink better water that tastes natural. Any ideas?

Natural water can only be found pale mount Kenya Juuuuuuu…that is clean and uncontaminated. Otherwise ata Keringet ni ya hapa river road tu coz maji ni ya kanjo na wametumia zile purifiers…Have Faith…Utafikisha many years…

Maji ya mvua……boil it,cool it,ni tamu sana! I wish ungekutana na maji ya hapa Dar es Salaam,ungechukia sana.

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Hata maji ya mombasa siwezi kunywa

I read distilled water is the most pure water but I lack the equipment and technique.

What do you do when you go there?

Ongea na mimi poa nikuuzie water filter

distilled water is not good for you it lacks crucial minerals, buy 20 liters from the supermarket and it lasts for a considerable amount of time

I buy

To those who know their chemistry, why do you think changaa is most often brewed along rivers?

for cooling/condensation which is part of the distallation process

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I got some guy to fix a certain filter on my tap. Inatumia stima and I think it is cost-effective. Am not near home ningeweka mbisha.

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Use water guard, deadly on harmful microorganisms

Distilled water is not the best for drinking. It is acidic.

Keep off waterguard, counterfeits exist and I don’t like the idea of pumping chemicals into my body when viable alternatives exist. Good old boiling works for me.


Weka hata gugu

I drink kanjo water and water from the under ground well without boiling it. Some quack told me ages ago that it increases resistance to stomach ailments and such like…

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Exposing your body to small time pathogens strengthens your immunity which you don’t realise. Read a story of how Japanese kids being brought up in sterile environment was hurting their immunity to small time ailments. Dakitari wa gugu can confirm, @Luther12

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@MizChief maji ya Dar iko na nini ati? Only thing I remember is that you have to drink maji a lot. And as such huwezi kuafford kuwa too choosy
Anyway to me maji ni maji, iwe ya kanjo keringet boiled rainwater triple distilled. Bora tu I can get it whenever I need it am good to go

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Their Kanjo water (Dawasco),has a lot of dust,not clear like ya Nai. We just boil it and take it just the way it is but when it rains……hapo ndio sisi huponea. The bottled water is nice but the taste varies.

I once used Waterguard it produced such a yucky taste. Siipendi hata kidogo.