Are restaurants that charge over 3000 for a meal viable these days?

Was at Ankole grill hapo kilimani jana just to check the place out over a drink and see if its a nice place to take a girl on a date. I looked at the menu and was surprised to find some meals costing 3500. There was one where they give you a steak (they mentioned its 320grams) and the usual chips/ugali/rice accompaniments for 3200.

I am of the opinion that if you are willing to spend over 2k per person on a meal, you may as well go to Fogo Gaucho or similar steakhouse where the ambience is good and the food is excellent and its an all-you-can-eat affair for 2400 with several types of meats/fish/prawns/crocodile etc brought round on a continuous basis. And the salads are also good.

Btw, is anyone aware of any other nice restaurants where you can take a chick for a great meal? I have tried the usual culprits like kina tratorria, sankara, carnivore and the like…

Dem gani hao unapeleka sankara?

Beta male detected… Spending 3k food with a girl is beyond stupidity…unaeza toboka 10k before you realize that day
Fanya hivi. Nunua nyama kilo moja …mzinga…umlete pigsty… If she is a potential woman hawez kataa…but kunguru atabaki kuwa kunguru

When did brokeness become an alpha trait

Sometimes I wonder what goes into the costing of these prices.
I sure hope they pay the workers something commensurate to the prices.

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Thanks bro, but I’ll pass on the pigsty

Without a celebrity chef like @Gio :D:D or an exquisite experience like Alibarbours or Tamarind Dhow it’s not worth it.

Was at that place sometime around March, my manager had offered to buy lunch there, and I was thoroughly disappointed at the portions. Took the stir fried chicken with rice and the entire portion was just too small for KES1,650. Would never go there to spend money on food. But the ambience seems good especially in the evening when they have a band. Some high rollers catch their drink there. Kwa parking you’ll never see Toyotas unless its the V8.

Take her to the most expensive restaurant for a meal and i can assure you that two weeks down the line, she will be having ugali na chemsha with another guy in a T/shirt with protruding biceps in a dinghy smoke filled kibanda

Teddy si uko na pesa bro…wewe ni alpha male enyewe

Peleka yeye Villa Rosa.
Hii Kijiji ni mbirrionea tu apart from @maizeroaster who is hawker hapo Gikombaa

The ambience of Ankole Grill is kind of like java. Its good. A beer is 350 which is high even for kilimani since places like valencia charge 250.

But those meals of 3k doesnt make sense especially with alternatives like fogo gaucho which cost less and you get far more.

Nice idea. Infact sijafika hapo.

Bro, you win some and lose some. Hio ni Life

Na rooms ni ngapi?

There is a thread here by Mad Philosopher asking the same question not so long ago. Try and search for it.

Jua tu vila rossa pombe ni mia tano

I say repeatedly that some talkers are a v lost bunch. Hawajui kama ni better/alpha…whether they want serious girlfriends or lanyes, they are also tight fisted. kkkkk

Akina @TrumanCapote

I guess rent and cost of running biz could be the only factor.
Although the quality of the food has to stand out for me to spend that much on a meal.
When you think about it, you wouldn’t mind coughing that much at an international restaurant. I’d say support Kenyan restaurants but 3500 is too much for ugali and nyama.