Are property owners alive to the importance of internet connectivity?

When advertising for properties, it is common to see such adverts highlight aspects such as a huge spacious living room, two-car parking, master en suite bedrooms, back-up generator and the like. However, it has always baffled me how such property owners fail to recognize internet connectivity as another critical infrastructure element. From the developing trends, some in the information generation would prefer to reside in a single-roomed slum dwelling with high-speed internet connectivity than a three-bedroom abode with no connectivity. Arguably, internet connectivity is cheaper to set up compared to the other facilities. However, its inclusion could be a huge boost in the use value of properties. Hoping to see more property owners seize the opportunity to attract the information generation by including internet connectivity in their list of amenities.

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All are important. Afadhali Internet ikose but kuna maji na stima


Water you can buy. Internet unaweza tumia kabambe. Stima utafanya nini? Ununue generator?

Maji you can store and in most cases you always have a store…stima ndio kila kitu.

stima ndio lazma iwe

Bila maji na stima atakama ni free siwes.

hehe, just shows how epically undeveloped we still are even in Nairobi. We can still talk of lack of water in the capital of a country that is one of Africa’s top economies. Poor infrastructure at its best. I would personally like to see all the above including playing fields for our children, not just a concrete jungle. In Rio Brazil, every other open space is a playing field, guess why they have the best footballers in the world.


Kuweka internet huongeza cost ya rent thereby pushing your potential tenants to your competition. That’s simply how it is.

Without electricity, how will you enjoy internet, even if it’s free?

Lack of water is not solely a developing counties problem, i have seen worse in the most developed country in the world , am talking about the US, parts of Arizona have never seen piped water for more than 5 years , most of the residence in these areas rely on buying water from water tankers like the once we see in Dagoretti corner, the problem is that some of them are so poor they can hardly afford to buy a 5 gallon jerrycan of water


You must have visited the Lavington of Brazil. Mathare ya huko iko na hizo zote?

Ever heard of favellas/pavellas?

Bora nyumba haijatoboka mabati nalala


Google is your friend [ATTACH=full]3290[/ATTACH]

true dat, but the favelas are not standard makao…Even here in Nairobi, when it was still the city in the sun, there were lots of open spaces and lots of designated playing areas. Now???they were all grabbed. Even new housing developments hardly take play areas into consideration.

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You ask me something that I don’t know, and instead of you telling me what it is you tell me Google is my friend?

Hii apana uungwana. And do you know what a dioferite is? if you don’t, Google is your friend.

maybe some parts of the us ziko hivyo…but thats no reason for our capital city to have water shortage problems

Hahaha @aviator hio yako ni hujuma

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stima ndio kusema
maji inatumia stima kupumpiwa in some places
mnety lazima stima ikuwepo