Are manual cars being phased out...

Am yet to see a manual mazda demio or vitz …heck even new Toyota premio, honda stream manual iko kweli? …Are car makers making more autos than manual or is it ni hapa kenya people preffer Auto transmission…

uliza @Meria Mata siku hizi hata Actross na Scannia trucks ziko auto ile mbaya.
Inshort manual tuliachia madere wa Tata za wahindi pale industrial area.

I thought gari za mzigo perform well with manual transmission? btw naona hata hiace mob sikuhizi ni auto am yet to see 32 seater ama bus auto

Ukinunua scannia we na deree wako 4 weeks training pale Grand motors before they release the truck to you.

Auto? I thought manual ndio inahitaji training…

Change is the only constant.

Evolution is a must.

Old must give way to the new.

Endeleza maudhui.

Scania busi lazima uende training ,hio automatic lazima ubadilishe buttons uki engage gear ama vipi @Meria Mata ?

@Ka-Buda ile unaendesha iko namna gani?

In automatic vehicles the driver does not directly operate on the gearbox, this significantly reduces the wear and tear on the gearbox itself caused by human error.

actually hizo trailer heard ziko semi auto.meaning for the first gear u have to use clutch hio gear zingine unasomba tu kusomba bila kukanyanga clutch.
Gari manual si mob ata kwa manufacturer ni chache. Ukitaka manual unaambia dealer akusakie kwa hao dealers wengine na pia bei itakua juu kias coz zimekua endangered

Most things in driving are easier said than done.

Japanese dont see the use of manual transmission. Its more of a nuisance to them. the vehicles you mentioned are for Japanese domestic market. There are manual vehicles in US and Europe where they like them. Reason being that they owned cars a long time before automatic transmission became mainstream and the bigger population there, which is actually old people, refuses to change making auto adoption slow except among the very young who are few. Most people there learnt driving a manual first. Europeans and americans even relatively young people wanaflowisha manual mbaya sana juu walizoea kutoka wakiwa 15 ama 16. Given auto is more expensive, why buy it when manual is there and you are comfy with it? Sasa Kenya mzee anatetemeka mikono na miguu ananunua first car unaexpect atapenda manual?

automatic transmission has been around for a long time…

UK is the biggest market for manual vehicles you will find compact cars the likes of vitz ,auris and Honda Jazz with manual transmission.But in our case we source most of the car from Japanese and mostly prefer automatic .

Modern truck dashboard inakaa kama cockpit ya Boeing 747, bila training hio gari unawekelea kwa mawe in a month

Hujambo kongowea mswahili

Automatic in Europe is as rare as a Manual is in Kenya.
Almost impossible to find,and as for Trucks,sahau kabisa.
Only buses are Automatic.
I go to car auctions regularly and everytime an Automatic comes on,utaona watu kama wawili ama watatu wakiharibu value ya gari wakingengana kuinunua.
Automatic cars are so rare in the UK you have to do a Different Driving Test and if you pass your test on an Automatic,you are not allowed to drive a Manual and even your insurance goes up!

Mash na Modern Coast wako na Scania automatic, basi linainua mbaya.

There is a breed of performance cars that will always have a manual shift variant. Also some die hards are converting auto to manual transmission. I know of one who did that to a nyoka.

I drive a manual and I bought it intentionally because I wanted to be different and no one borrows my car.:cool:

Jana magoti imelia ‘kacha’ while disengaging the clutch nikajiuliza why I’m putting myself through all this.