Are Fairfield gardens houses syokimau worth it

Nimeskia keja pale ni 12 Million, but ukiangalia vizuri, nyumba zimekaribiana Sana …

I also find them too squeezed

12 mil tafuta 60 acres huko athi river uwekee wajukuu.

Meanwhile aendelee kurent hao ama?

Ajenge. Wewe unue nyumba ziko crowded hivyo for 12 million aje?

70 houses on 5 acres toa infrastructure/roads common areas and utapata each house stands on a 1530 piece of land .The houses are well built no doubt but you’d rather take your 12 mirrion elsewhere .
Ingia hapo wananchi road kwa one of those gated estates and buy a 50
100 plot at 3 million then build your dream house polepole .

Zinakaa smart… Seem well finished, and the general look of the surroundings (gym, pool etc). Hizi ndo governors wanaficha MWK na illegit kids wao. Maybe if you have cash to spare, seems better than those apartments in Kilimani or Kileleshwa

You are right .Would be a superb purchase if you are a politician or rich businessman na unataka place decent ya kuficha your slay queen .

Nimecheki hiyo ndo form ya bigwigs… Athi river nimeona keja several in those Chinese built estates with this very scenario. Yungin mama na Jayden in tow, no man nowhere karibu, na nyumba sio kulipa kodi


12million na unaishi kwa pimped out slum? siununue ka shamba then jenga nyumba yako peke yako sio kushi na wasororaji,ukieka ngoma unaitiwa committee kila monday

Garden City villas are also squeezed … in 2017 they were retailing for 45m but saa hii ni 29m and majority of them are still empty.

They look great, though I wish there were incorporated garages, rather than having to buy those green carports after

Where can I get these stones for cheap? And whats the price? And whats that on the roof?

Izo mawe zinatoka place inaitwa kwa Micheal or mai mahiu and the are not cheap… depending on site location mawe moja kama imefika kwa site ni 60bob alafu kuchonga ni 30bob/ feet…
And that is hot water solar system.

Sande. They are beautiful stones.

Which is the best type and brand for a solar hot water system?

Chloride exide… they have one has an option using electricity on cold days. I have also recommended go solar systems for my clients so far so good. One is actually fives yrs old and no complaints.

Which type is better, the one with glass tubes or the flat panel one.

The evacuated tube is more efficient interms of generating power/ sqm … but we are blessed with good weather either can do.

Yeah, these are really beautiful stones, they give a nice contrast when the house has a nice, green, well-kempt landscape.
Wenye kuchana nyasi mko wapi?