Are Blockchain Tokens an Investment or a Scam

I trust this link will shed more clarity and perspiscouness to those interested in jumping onto the train

PS: The security and transparency of the blockchain technology behind can act as a guarantee to cleaned up records - think land registry and registra of persons and immigration , fair elections, etc. This is only possible if the main stakeholders genuinely want the system to be so. Otherwise, they’ll be left to lag behind.

You should know by now:

Unless ni lict…

Anticlick mumezidi. Someone is trying to educate you, make you more knowledgable n your first instinct is to reject?
Bure kabisa

…kama si clit tembeza kiatu

Ati blockchain na elections? Hujaskia sasa tunaenda full manual?

I thought it was a bit lengthy to copy-paste, that’s why. But if you’d rather I did that for you, . . . Or should I?

I’m not surprised. Kenyans need to demand better from their political class, but then again, people deserve the kind of leaders they get.


Am a believer in blockchain technology. Esp in the election part, that would be a huge boost. It has been tested by bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Apart from a few hard and soft forks I believe with the right support it can take over, and it will

Nimeclit, hii haiwesmake hapa kenya, kama rao anasema results zilienda russia na hazikurudi, wacha story za IT zikae, hatuzihitaji!

Na hii akili wee ni VS?

V huelewi?