Are Al-Shabaab And Boko Haram Practicing True Islam???

A statement by Islamic scholars denouncing the terrorist attacks in Garissa.

All praise is due to Almighty God (Allah) who sent his Prophet Muhammad as a mercy to the creation. He is the same God that sent Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the Prophets – may the peace and blessings of God be upon all of them, for they are brothers to one another, their mothers may be different, but their religion is one.

That which has taken place in Kenya of mass killing of students in the name of Islam is the end result of being deceived by Satan who has beautified terrorism and mindless killing in the minds of those who perpetrated these crimes. We announce without any reservation that the Islam that our Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) came with is completely innocent of the deeds of the terrorists and their wicked ideology that makes permissible the killing of innocent people. Those who perpetrated these acts have no share of the knowledge, kindness and mercy that was a hallmark of our noble Prophet and of the Prophets who came before him. When the Prophet Muhammad migrated to the city of Medina after being expelled from his home in Mecca, one of the Jewish Rabbis of Medina, Abdullah Ibn Salam, said:

“The Prophet came to Medina and the Jews were apprehensive so I went to see him and when I saw him, I knew straight away that was not the face of a liar. I heard him say: ‘Keep the family ties, pray to your Lord whilst the rest of the people sleep and spread the salaam (salutations).

It was after this that Abdullah Ibn Salam became a Muslim.

The Prophet Muhammad foretold the rise of a terrorist sect at the end of time in his saying:

“There will appear a people at the end of time, young in age and foolish in thought. They will speak with the best of speech amongst the creation, yet faith will not sink beyond their collarbones. They will exit the religion just as an arrow goes through it target.”

This sect is known for its ignorance, foolishness, haste and violence. They describe their actions as Jihad, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. What they engage in is murder, destruction and mass killing.

The great scholar and former Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Baz stated in the 1990’s concerning terrorism and those perpetrate it:

[INDENT]“And there is no doubt that this act can only be undertaken by one who does not believe in Almighty God or the Last Day. You will not find anyone who believes in God, or the Last Day with correct and sound belief performing this criminal and vile act due to which great harm and corruption has occurred. Only vile souls, which are filled with enmity, jealousy, evil, corruption and absence of faith in God and His Messenger, can perform the likes of these acts. We ask God for wellbeing and safety.”

He also said,

[INDENT]“And there is no doubt that this is from the greatest of crimes and from the greatest types of corruption in the earth. And those who perform the likes of this are more deserving of being killed and being restrained on account of what they have committed of great sin. We ask God that He makes them lose their efforts and shackles them and their likes and that He saves us from their evil and the evil of those like them, and that He utterly destroys their plots, indeed He is Lofty and Majestic, and Generous and Kind.”

The great scholar and historian, Ibn Kathīr, who died over seven centuries ago penned the following words that resonate strongly in our times, and one senses the deep insight of this scholar. He said, regarding the Khārijites:

“If they ever gained strength, they would surely corrupt the whole of the earth, including Iraq and Syria. They would not leave alone a child, whether male or female, neither a man or a woman. This is because as far as they are concerned the people have caused corruption. A corruption that cannot be fixed except by mass killing!“

This is a bleak reminder of what can befall nations if these extremists are allowed to flourish without restraint.

Today, we are witnessing the fulfillment of these words of Ibn Kathīr at the hands of Al-Shabab and Boko Haram and other terrorist insurgencies in Africa, the Middle-East and elsewhere. These murderers who, in the name of Islām, have instituted the mass killing of people on the basis that rectification cannot take place except by the death of the masses. The killings perpetrated by Al-Shabab and Boko Haram and other extremist groups is worse than the murder committed by the sinners, because the sinners do not claim that they have license to kill from God, whilst the extremists claim that God Almighty Himself has commanded them with this slaughter, and therefore they believe they are doing God’s work! For this reason, the response to this extremist ideology must be well thought out, robust and rooted in Islamic doctrine. At the theological level, the extremists must be combatted with Quranic and Prophetic narrations backed up by the sayings and writings of the earliest generations of Muslim scholars. This has a two-fold effect. Firstly: It helps to shut down the Jihādist propaganda machine that claims to be following the Qurān and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (which is, of-course, untrue). Secondly: When unsuspecting Muslim youth hear and read these refutations, they will see through the false arguments of the extremists. Another benefit here is that the non-Muslims who have been presented with an unsightly image of Islam will realize that these terrorists do not represent Islam and have in actuality marred the beauty of the Islamic religion.

The Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) explained to his Disciples that which was revealed in the Qurān, and they in turn, acted in accordance to that. The Prophet (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) would never harm women, children and non-combatants, and he forbade others from that. He would sometimes establish treaties with the severest of enemies hoping that some good would result from it. He made peace treaties with the Jews of Madinah, the idol-worshippers of Makkah and with the Christians. These are undeniable facts. Islām is not, as is asserted by some, a blood-thirsty religion, nor does Islām desire fighting just for the sake of fighting.Unfortunately, the modern-day “Extremist-Islamists” have marred the beauty of Islām, distorted the concept of Jihād and turned countless people away from looking into the true message of the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him).

Allah stated in the Quran the following words that are a guide for every true believer:

“Allāh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who did not fight against you on account of Religion, and they did not drive you out of your homes. Indeed Allāh loves those who deal with equity.” Qur’an (60:8-9)

We ask Almighty God (Allah) to enable every Muslim and non-Muslim to fully understand these words and to comprehend the true Islamic position with respect to the people of misguidance. We also ask Him to grant every person the ability to grasp the true message and beauty of Islam as it was revealed to the noble Prophet of Islam.

Indeed all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all creation – and may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his family, his Companions and those who follow him precisely until the Day of Judgement.


True,it will continue,it’s being prophesied in Islam. It pains me when 1% of the Islam ummah spoil the name and reputation of Islam.

Too long didn’t read, but then again when muslim religious leaders coming out to condemn this animals is commendable.Wish they could recruit snitches and give us something solid.

We should do like australia some time back. Christians form a wall around muslims when they are praying and muslims do the same

Chad, not Mali.

Oh, I thought you were referring to the conflict last year which was actually in the C.A.R, not Chad hata.

If It was written in the holy book and the quran that such would occur then why is religion being questioned.

so this is islam still they are practicing?

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Stop justifying your religion. When people want to console themselves that wrong things are right, they start justifying the wrongs. The fact that there are people from your religion worldwide going around causing atrocities in the name of Allah should be enough for you to question yourself on Islam.

This post is not justifying the terrorists actions,it explains the stand of Islam when it comes to terrorism,even if all 2 billion Muslims became terrorists,the stand of Islam will remain the same,terrorism is pure evil. If Islam was a religion of war, Mombasa with the high population of Muslims would be a no-go zone for non-Muslims. If Islam taught hatred, the world would be at war because the religion has Billions of adherents. If 4 mad Muslims can teach you how to hate and you hate with all your heart, the Millions of good hearted Muslims should make you learn love and tolerance.

How many billions to be exact?
One thing for sure is where there is islam there is religion war going on.
Senseless killing in the name of allah.
Justifying from koran quotes.
So islam is a violent religion.

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Yes there are Muslims that are savages,but remember every community has it’s black sheep, that’s why the statement from the scholars says

The terrorists justify their atrocities using verses from the Qur’an that they take out of context to further their objectives… If Al-Shabaab and the like were really genuine in their so called “Jihad”, they would take the war to places like C.A.R and Palestine.

Retrogressive religion.This is a pic of an Iranian woman before the Islamic revolution in 1960.Nowadays women in Islamic states are the most oppressed.

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Dressing half naked is progressive?? Would you let your mother,wife or daughter walk in the streets dressed like this? What about nuns that dress like Muslim women are they oppressed? Prejudice affects rationality.[ATTACH=full]3124[/ATTACH]

Whaf of the Afghan burqas which cover everything including the eyes?

I think that was Egypt boss.


sawa I think I confused it with some doumentary I watched recently about almost similar events a few years back in Australia where there was tensions between muslim communities and native australians

Here is the link

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Wee stop bending facts. The nun has done it through free will while the other woman would have herself decapitated if she insisted on removing that thing. kwanza sisi waafrika hatujui nguo. The white man brought clothes here and about 90 years ago most people were running around naked. it wasnt an issue for us. Some of us are still going about naked and it isnt an issue. Have you heard Turkana people complain that some of their women’s breasts are showing? Humans naturally are without clothes and clothes are a social invention.