Are Africans of low IQ ?

It’s hard to swallow but I believe Kuna nut kadhaa za kichwa hatukufungwa

The white man had to civilised us… If not I would be somewhere hunting a zebra with a stick n stone …

that there is ur answer

Mimi saa hii ningekuwa Karura forest looking for edible fruits and leaves with a calabash tightly tied to my waist.

Hahahaha made my night

Why do we assume that what we have now is best? It’s because of insufficient information. The greatest value of education is if you are able to step away from it all and give it context.

Africans are not of low IQ neither are they slow thinkers. The flaws in the African way of thinking are of our own making, let us not blame others. Our society is shaped to suppress the greatest minds while clinging on to spiritualism, belief in the supernatural and useless family ties. Until we do away with fanaticism within society, we unlikely to advance as a people. Sayings like ‘huezi bishana na serikali’ and ‘uongozi hutoka kwa mungu’ will limit us until we learn to think beyond what we are taught

A better question, are you of low IQ?

You have low standards

Is that where Ethiopians are?


Africa is a big continent but it is possible your clan has lower than average IQ

Usikue mijinga…hujawahi sikia before white man landed in Africa kulikuwa na civilization.

What happened to the civilisation?

White man erased it from our history books.

Have you tried rewriting the books now that you are this resourceful on African civilization?

Macharia,try reading a book about ancient civilizations in Africa. You are embarrassing yourself

and am guessing if tomorrow the whites decide to ditch the concrete jungle and live in the tree jungle (survivor show), then that will be the in thing and everybody else is uncivilized.

i will always say that the tree jungle was our way of life. there is nothing wrong with hunting zebras with sticks and stone or looking for edible fruits with a calabash. that worked for us and in no way would it have worked for them in the surroundings they found themselves in.

Na wako bedsitter hapo Roysambu wakinyambiana na kutupiana moshi za stove while in the old days they slept in fresh aerated cool mud huts with 5 wives on each side.

Lets count that is ten vaginas. Free. You didn’t have to pay 364 shillings like cortedivoire or mimi huwa namwaga ndani.

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The jungle was our way of life. It’s quite unfortunate that the foreigners interrupted that and totally changed our lives for the worse