Arda Turan! It was a shrewd buy for Barca but iyo release clause joh! Stupid!

So Arda ameenda Barca but can’t play until 2016, but all indications point to kurudishwa Atletico if Bartomeu isn’t elected as Barca Pres. Luis Enrique amemake a shrewd buy just like Rakitic, Suarez and Mathieu. I can’t wait to see Arda akicheza in Barca colours. Mambo mbaya.

Angekuja Chelsea he would have secured a permanent start.

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To replace who? Fabregas?

Fabregas can go forward

Matic - Defensive mid
Turan - Box to box
Fabregas - #10

i thought barca was banned from buying, ?? uefalona huh…

The deal will be official after the incoming president agrees to it. But, any new player they sign now can’t play until January when the transfer ban will end.

Oscar atauzwa?

maybe awekwe right-sided forward. who plays there currently?

Oscar is on his way out. he started very few games last season

Wilian and that other Colombian.

Man by all indications it seems akina Mikel na Oscar are on their way out. Azipilicueta is iffy pia coz kuna venye Mou would want Filipe Luis at the back in the starting line up.

Oscar looks like the obvious casualty, He could be heading to Juventus.

But Chelsea must find a replacement for him first.

They enquired about Isco though Benitez does not want to sell him.

Real are cockblockers but they expect other teams to sell their players to them at low prices.

& thats why de gea should leave for free nxt ssn kaa hawaezi toa $$ poa…

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